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Examples of journalistic intrusion
An example of intrusion by journalists was evident during Princess Mary of Denmark's visit to Tasmania in August 2010, to see her family at her sister's home in Hobart.
In late 2009, an amendment to privacy laws in Tasmania occurred, which now imposes fines or jail terms for breaches of privacy. The Act states it is illegal to visually record a person "in circumstances where a reasonable person would expect to be afforded privacy" and then distribute the images.
The journalists pictured above are close to breaching the Act and are not reporting a public interest story but merely a public curiosity story.

An another example of journalistic intrusion
JK Rowling 'felt invaded' at note put by press in daughter's schoolbag
Harry Potter author JK Rowling has spoken at the Leveson inquiry of her horror at discovering a letter from a journalist inside her five-year-old daughter's schoolbag.
In a two-hour appearance before Lord Justice Leveson at the high court on Thursday, Rowling told of how she frequently felt "under siege" from photographers and gave a string of examples of alleged press intrusion.
Rowling said the most "outrageous" intrusions were when journalists targeted her children at school. "In the first burst of publicity surrounding [Harry Potter] … I unzipped her schoolbag in the evening; among the debris I found an envelope addressed to me from a journalist," Rowling added.
"It's my recollection that the letter said that he intended to ask a mother at the school to put this in my daughter's bag … I don't know how this got in my daughter's schoolbag.
I can only say that I felt such a sense of invasion that my daughter's bag … it's very difficult to say how angry I felt that my five-year-old daughter's school was no longer a place of complete security from journalists."
Later Rowling recalled how a journalist from the Scottish Sun had contacted the headmaster of her daughter's school, claiming that there had been complaints about her daughter from other pupil and parents.
"My daughter was being accused of some kind of bullying," she said. "There was not one word of truth in it … To approach my daughter's school was outrageous."

Rowling told the inquiry how she had routinely felt "under seige" and "held hostage" by paparazzi photographers outside her house.
The author said that she had once hid her children with blankets inside their own home to protect them from the photographers outside.
"There's a twist in the stomach as you wonder what do they want, what have they got? It feels incredibly threatening to have people watching you," she said.
Following the birth of her son, Rowling said she was unable to leave the house for a week without being photographed and added that she once gave chase to a member of the paparazzi while with her children.
"The cumulative effect becomes quite draining," she said. "On a general note, the sense of being often unable to leave your house or...

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