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Subsatnce Abuse Group Essay

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Today the student nurse attended a Clinical rotation at Innervision, a behavioral healthcare organization in Charlotte, N.C. While there she was able to participate in psychosocial rehabilitation group discussions and be present at a Substance Abuse meeting. The Substance Abuse meeting offered the student a real life experience in a group therapy setting for consumers of the program. She observed and noted group characteristic of the Substance Abuse meeting, including member involvement, group type, goals, behaviors, and a synopsis of the topic. Later the writer composes her feelings in response to the meeting, gives feedback from an Alcoholics Anonymous member, and informs of a popular Alcohol Addiction therapy.
To be allowed entry into today’s meeting, one must be a member of the Innervision program. This open group meets 3 times a week for 1 hour sessions. The student nurse was greeted by the leader of the group, a trained Substance Abuse counselor, and another co-facilitator. The group type witnessed by the writer was support centered. Unlike traditional Alcoholic Anonymous meetings where the members facilitate the meeting, formal leaders did so. The goals today included introductions of the leaders, members, and discussion topic.
Most members’ shared voluntary attendance while few were court ordered attendees at today’s meeting. Majority behavior was attentive and cohesive to the goals of the meeting. Most members shared feelings about their addiction and how it affected them and their loved ones. Discussion was evenly distributed among the group when questions were asked. The student heard members exchange stories about life on the street.
Today’s topic was trust. The facilitators chose to show a book called the 12 Steps for Everyday Life. It was suggested the group read the book as it explained how the 12 steps used for Alcoholics Anonymous could be implemented in recovery and also useful in life challenges. Then the group was separated into 2 groups based on their beliefs of trust. One group believed trust was earned and the other believed trust was given until given reason not to trust. The facilitator had each group discuss their reasons for choosing that belief. She then rejoined the group with an explanation that trust is important to us all regardless of how it’s achieved. Termination of group included the serenity prayer, led by the facilitator as members held hands and prayed along.
Although the group was called Substance Abuse, the group discussion centered on alcohol. Alcohol addiction does not have an exact etiology however, it has been linked to biological, psychological, social, and environmental factors (Videbeck, 2014, p. 363). Spanagel suggest that alcohol consumption among adolescence have a higher likely-hood to turn to alcohol to relieve stress and develop alcohol related complications later in life (Alcoholism: A Systems Approach from Molecular Physiology to Addictive Behavior, 2009).
Alcoholism is the body’s...

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