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Substance Abuse And Child Abuse Essay

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Did you know, that 6.6 million american children grow up in substance abusing households, or that over 1 million American children grow up being abused? People say that when they drink, or do drugs that it is their life and they can act how they want, do what they want, and live how they like, but they do not realize that their actions affect everyone around them. When alcohol and other drugs are in the body’s system, it cannot function regularly thinking becomes clouded, emotions are mixed up, and movements become sloppy. It is not a safe situation to involve yourself in, let alone any loved ones, such as children. Why do parents put their children in these types situations.
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Whether it is provoked or not, there are other ways to react and punish children without violence
How can you tell if a child is being abused? Physical abuse is normally the easiest form of abuse to detect because of the visible marks that can be left, even though it may be the easiest it is still very difficult due to the child’s fear, they can cover up the marks and deny it in replace of crazy elaborate stories with very specific details. The signs of physical abuse normally include bruises, cuts, and other unexplained injuries that they try to hide then may also be anxious and worry a lot. When it comes to emotional abuse, children may be insecure, quiet, and be less social, which makes it more difficult to notice. the signs of sexual abuse can be sensitivity when sitting, standing, or walking, inappropriate talking and touching with others, and over emotional. Children that are sexually also tend to be anxious and worry like physically abused kids and get nervous when left alone with certain people. It takes a lot of attention to be able to discover someone being sexually abused. Children who are neglected tend to be more violent and steal along with having bad grooming habits and get embarrassed about their homelife.
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