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The Effects Of Substance Abuse In Young Adults

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By the eighth grade, 29.5 percent of adolescents have consumed alcohol, 15.5 percent have smoked cigarettes, and 15 percent have used marijuana (11 Facts About Teens and Drug Use). Substance abuse by young adults using illegal or prescription drugs and alcohol can result in a loss of interest in education, serious emotional problems and chemical dependency.
Substance abuse can cause lower grades, leading to becoming less involved in school activities, skipping school because of lack of interest and possibly dropping out all together. Drug use can lead to chaos in the home, resulting in domestic violence, lack of communication, which can cause relationships to become strained and broken. The teen may need more of the substance to get the full effect or high because of the tolerance hey have built up against the substance. They may also feel that they cannot function or go through the day without using the drug. Teens that use drugs or alcohol generally have had something in their life lead to that consumption.
There are many factors that may cause a teen to drink or use drugs. Factors may be social, mental, or hereditary. Many reason teens choose to use drugs and alcohol are social factors. Teens may want to fit in with their friends or a certain group. They may also feel mature and grow up while using substances. If teens have mental issues, they may be more likely to use drugs or alcohol. Teens who feel like they are not emotionally connected or loved by their parents are more susceptible to drug use. Teens who have poor self-esteem or emotional or mental health problems, such as depression are also at increased risk for drug use (Teen Alcohol and Drug Abuse). Teens who have alcohol and drug addictions in their family history may be prone to using drugs and developing an addiction. Using drugs has serious consequences in school.
Substance abuse can cause serious problems in and outside of school. Schoolwork begins to suffer; there is a loss of friends and interest of doing outside school activities. Teens who have few interests in school and are unmotivated are more likely ti use drugs and develop an addiction. Teens who are not involved in any school sports, clubs or activities are more likely to develop a drug addiction. Teens who are not supported at home and encourages to do well and excel in school may be more likely to use drugs. Using drugs had a large impact on your ability to focus, which makes school and schoolwork difficult to accomplish. Habitual drug use can prevent you focusing on your responsibilities, like homework (Impact of Drug Use on Your Life). The ability to focus in class and pay attention is gone. When there is no ability to focus, grades suffer the consequences. When there is a lack of focus dude to drug use, behavior is not easily controlled, which can affect emotions and the ability to have relationships
When under the influence of drugs or alcohol one had no control over their behavior and emotions, which can put...

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