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Effects Of Substance Abuse And Alcohol On Students’ Academic Performance

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For over two decade, substance abusers among adolescents and young people have become a universal epidemic across the globe. According to various case studies, it shows that young people including adolescents turn into drugs as a social pleasure thing and others as an easy fix away from their problems. However, many are the users who do not think about the long term consequences and side effects that the substances put on their lives. Substance abuse is defined as overindulgence in or dependence on an addictive substance for mood altering purposes. Some substance abuse that I will focus on include alcohol, drugs including marijuana, cocaine or over the counter prescription pills. According to my research about substance abuse, I expect to find low academic scores in students who indulge into drug use; for that matter, my independent variable will be the substance abuse including drugs and alcohol and my dependent variable will be the academic grade drop due to indulgence.
There is a saying that goes that too much of something is not good. In this case, we can agree that too much consumption of alcohol or drugs especially in adolescents and young adult is not good. According to a research conducted, it shows how consumption of alcohol can impact student’s grades and thereby leading to other consequential terms such as death, low economic status, pregnancies health related failures and more (White, Hingson.2013). In order to prove that alcohol consumption and drugs is bad for young people, we ought to look at the trigger that causes these people to turn into them knowing it could possibly affect them. Closely, some of the problems which lead adolescents and young adults to drink underage despite the illegality range from environmental peer pressure, family issues or history of alcoholism, and depression due to many factors. In order to understand the background of alcoholism and drugs, I will highlight some of the proven facts that correspond with the above causes of substance abuse. According to an article on Teen Drinking Law, adolescents and young people abuse drugs or alcohol because they feel obligated by their social peers. For most young people, the need to fit in especially with the so called “cool crowd or best known as popular” is best to nothing. For such purposes, this people will likely turn to substance abuse as a way to please their peers. In both the Teen Drinking Law article and White et el research, it shows that 15 percent of 12-17 aged teenagers have reported binge drinking at least once in one month. Binge drinking is consumption of five or more alcoholic beverages in one sitting (Teen Drinking Law, 2011, White et el.2013).
To clearly show that student’s grades are affected by the use of substance abuse and consumption of alcohol as the dependent variable, I will use research to support my hypothesis. “Results from the Monitoring the Future (MTF) and National Institute of Drug Abuse ( NIDA), it shows that...

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