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Drug Abuse On College Campuses Essay

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?Kiddy Coke? or ?Diet Coke? is one of the most popular things on college campuses and no, I?m not talking about a soda here. This term is a common street name for the drug Adderall. This psycho stimulant drug is commonly prescribed for ADD/ADHD disorders. They help increase ADD/ADHD patients? attention span and focus. Despite their stimulant properties, they have a calming effect to counteract hyperactivity.According to University of Iowa Student Health Services, from 1990 to 2000, Ritalin, a drug similar to Adderall, production increased 900%. From 1993 to 2001, Adderall production increased 5767%.With so many people- particularly college kids- walking around with a psycho stimulant in their had, it is so much easier for potential abusers to get their hands on it. Easy access, coupled with its speed like high and concentration-boosting effects, Adderall and Ritalin are attractive to college students as a study aid and potential party drug.However, because they are prescribed and medically safer that other speed-like substances, many students think abusing them is no big deal. Just like any stimulant, it enhances wakefulness, performance, the ability to concentrate, focus, and endurance. So, on a college level they see it as not recreational abuse, but it really is. They may not have a prescription and using it as a party drug or are prescribed this medicine and using it as a party drug. This kind of belief gives Adderall abuse less of a stigma compared with something like cocaine, which makes students think it is not a big deal.Gina, an undergraduate at Bradley University, does not view Adderall for studying as a serious drug abuse. ?It?s controversial but I don?t feel like I am doing anything wrong.? Gina clarifies. ?I feel like people might look down on it, and its silly because everyone has attention problems??..Its like taking Advil for a headache; it gets rid of the headache. Adderall gets rid of the background noise and distraction.? Gina has estimated that she has taken Adderall for studying purposes 20 times during her college years. She has an inevitable grade point average and a resume of activities. She doesn?t do any other drugs and claims she never will have to. Gina claims Adderall is a huge help when she takes it and experiences a big increase in her ability to focus and be productive. This extra boost is helpful to Gina because she attends a ?competitive school? she declared.Typically, Gina only takes these pills right around midterm time and she notes that it only takes about 30minutes to kick into effect. She?ll become more energetic, start tapping her foot, and become more alert and talkative. The physical effects she feels the strongest are a fast heart rate and a very dry mouth. She describes that Adderall makes her so thirsty that she has to constantly drink water while under the influence.Adderall has many side effects. According to the University of Iowa Virtual Hospital and Student Health Services, These effects include...

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