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Kian Saidi
Professor Jordan
Argument Analysis #3
When going into a car dealership, you’re looking to see what you want to purchase. After leaving the dealership, you have all these ideas in your head, for example, the color or shape. But the catch is that you are currently out of the dealership, only the ideas are in your mind. In this argument, we have to understand what impressions are and ideas, before we learn about perception. As stated by Hume, he classifies impressions as powerful perceptions which creates imaginations coming from ideas. Hume argues that the copy principle is basically ideas that are not too complicated and are created from simple impressions. For example, when we see that specific color on the car from the dealership, you can still see the exact image when you close your eyes and think about it. Obviously, the thought or imagination you have about that car is not exact, but you still have a familiar idea of what it looks like. In this specific argument, it does make sense to become aware of that object and only that specific object. In that case, I agree with Hume’s copy principle because it is not possible to think of an object that does not connect materials that are not provided.
Hume explains that our simple impressions come from simple ideas, based on Treatise of Human Nature. “I never can catch myself at any time without a perception, and never can...

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855 words - 4 pages from the body, or physical substance. If the body has a property that the mind does not have, they are not identical and are distinct. The body has the property of being divisible; the mind lacks the property of being divisible, therefore, the body is distinct from the mind. We must reject Descartes’ Indivisibility argument for substance dualism as it is unsound. For an argument to be sound, all premises must be true and the argument must be valid

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960 words - 4 pages ) can cause mind substance to have certain 'sensations' most often by itself being acted on by other material objects (Eliasmith, 2004). Descartes failed to explain in detail how the two interact with each other; he said that God was the one responsible for the interaction of the two substances. Therefore, he was not able to prove his philosophy in detail.Here are the arguments of Paul Churchland on dualism as according to the article of Lee (2004

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1827 words - 7 pages : CambridgeUniversity Press, 1967), 93.7. Grene, M. Descartes. (Cambridge: Hackett Publishing Company Inc, 1998),6.8. Cottingham, J. The Cambridge Companion to Descartes. (Cambridge:Cambridge University Press, 1998), 149.9. Baker, G. Descartes Dualism. (London: Routlege Press, 1996), 72.10. Soloman, R. C. Introducing Philosophy. (London: Harcourt Brace CollegePublishers, 1997), 138.11. William, B. Descartes. (London: Penguin Books, 1990), 56.

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1775 words - 7 pages by a physical signal; thus, Descartes fails to solve this problem in the argument for dualism (211). This leads to a major strength of Ryle’s theory of logical behaviorism. Reinhard Blutner, a philosophy professor at University of Amsterdam, states “logical behaviorism solves Descartes’ problem by claiming that the mental substances simply do not exist. The role mental terms is simply to indicate a certain behavior.” Thus, by the definition of

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1858 words - 7 pages .) Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy, London: Routledge. Retrieved November 10, 2007, from, S. V. Descartes 2nd edition, Oxford University Press, 1968Kenny, Anthony Descartes: a Study of his Philosophy Thoemmes Press, 1997 Rozemond, Marleen Descartes' Dualism Harvard University Press, 1998 HYPERLINK "http

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1152 words - 5 pages )." This view known as "monism," where mind and body are the same, is clearly different than Descartes view of "dualism" where mind and body are separate and two different things. In Spinozas' philosophy, the main focus is on the entirety of beings, that everything is an attribute belonging to a greater whole, or "substance." Spinoza's "God" is "neither transient nor transcendent, but is entirely immanent (Eres)," one which makes up the entire universe

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 Upon, what seems to be an almost prima facie consideration of the mind, Descartes reasons that he is

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785 words - 4 pages we as humans, are both mind and body, not just a mind. As stated in Fundamentals of Philosophy, “If mind and body are so different, then they cannot interact, and if they interact then they cannot be so different from each other” (p.139). If the interactions are right, they have yet to prove how it is that the mental substance interacts with the physical substance. Descartes attempted to solve the problem by trying to physically show that the

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