Subtle Differences: A Comparison Of The Narrators Of "The Tell Tale Heart" And "The Black Cat"

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While they may seem similar in many ways, the narrators of both "The Tell-Tale Heart" and "The Black Cat" are actually very different, The means by which each are exposed in the end are completely different, their amount of sanity (or lack thereof) is another characteristic that separates the two men, along with the amount of planning involved in the murders that each of the men committed. These are three major reasons that make these two men different.The first narrator we will look at is the gentleman in "The Black Cat." This man is exposed simply due to his own arrogance. In tapping on the wall covering his wife, ...view middle of the document...

This brings us to our next difference: Sanity.Both narrators feel the need to point out to the reader that they are indeed sane, however, only one of them really is. Who is it? Why, it is none other than the narrator from "The Tell-Tale Heart." While he says that he is undoubtedly sane, he continually displays traits of the token schizophrenic or psychopath. The way he obsessed over something as simple as an eye, the way he planned every step out ever so carefully, and the way he executed his plan, and then took it a step further are all red flags that suggest that he's got some lose screws.In the heat of a moment, one can easily make decisions that they normally wouldn't make...killing one's wife is defiantly one such decision. To plan, however, the death of another human being is totally different. Our first narrator, from "The Black Cat," simply got so caught up in anger, that he thought it logical to lovingly plant an axe in his wife's skull. While this takes an unimaginable amount of either anger or insanity, it doesn't begin to compare to the way that the narrator in "The Tell-Tale Heart" oh-so-carefully planned out every detail; from how he would dispose of the body, to when he would make his "move", every single movement was mapped out. This takes an inconceivable level of psychosis.As you can see, while the two men seem alike on the outside, they really aren't at all. From the way they think, to the way they act, these two murderers are in fact, very different.

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