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Subway Cars Are Now A Part Of Artificial Reefs

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Subway Cars Are Now a Part of Artificial ReefsDuring the past few years, a new method of disposing subway cars was in development, they are now being used as a part of artificial reefs. These cars are mainly being placed on the mid-Atlantic coast, the main purpose is said to be to create a new ecosystem for mollusks and other marine life, and to increase fishing activity in the area. Some environmental groups, such as Clean Ocean Action, are trying to at least slow down the dumping of cars.Why they need reefs?The Mid-Atlantic coast has no really reef structure, like the rocky one in New England or the coral reef in Florida, so states such as New Jersey have been building different forms of artificial reefs for the last century. The first reefs were simple shipwrecks that with the help of storms found their way to the shores. The local fishing communities would befit highly from this kind of debris, the amount of fish caught per day would soar In 1935, New Jersey environmentalists along with the fishing community started a artificial reef program, the idea was to use ships and other former seaworthy material to increase the amount of fish in the area. The success of the first reef encouraged the building of a second, the second was built out of anything they could find including cars, tires and Christmas trees. The situation improved when scientists entered the equation in the 1960s, they investigated the areas building the reefs and began to recommend what type of materials to use, to increase the time life of the artificial reef.Advantages and disadvantages of artificial reefsAlthough the artificial reefs do not help the overall decreasing marine life, it does make fish more accessible to fishermen, the new ecosystem attracts the smaller forms of life, such as mollusks that in turn attracts its predators. The question then arises if whether artificial reefs are even needed. Some environmentalists claim that the reefs attract different schools of fish bringing with them bio-diversity. The new genetic information is also healthy for any organism. However the fishermen in the area as stated before, will also become more successful, the balance can therefore be toppled by simply over fishing an area that appears to have a plentiful supply of fish, whereas it is only the new hot spot. The diving industry will also benefit from the new life forms being attracted towards the cars, providing more income into the Mid-Atlantic States with newfound tourists.Why give it away for free?The mid-Atlantic is also convenient for New York's MTA,. New York State has rejected the local cars to be dumped in their waters stating, "There are environmental concerns", however the city has 1,300 subway cars that need to be disposed of,. New York's MTA received 1,100 stainless steel subway cars this year, and does not have enough room to store both the new and old cars. A nearby state would mean they could be shipped easily to the area they will be used. This method of...

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