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Most people have heard the U.S. Marines’ motto: “The Few, the Proud.” The United States Marines have a long and glorious history, and it is conventional wisdom among military branches that, in nearly every foreign conflict, the Marines Corps fighters is “the first ones in.” Living up to those high standards is not easy for most young recruits. In order to be successful when joining the United States Marine Corps (USMC), there are many requirements to prepare a Soldier to have mental toughness, intellectual acuity and physical fitness that good nutrition contributes to be all essential aspects of a good Marine, and it is important that all new recruits prepare themselves to attain these goals.
Intellectual training for the Military begins with an assessment called the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Batter (ASVAB). Every military branch uses this Assessment to gauge a recruit’s foundation knowledge of Science, Math, Word Knowledge and Comprehension. The outcome determines what type of job the recruit will hold during his/her military career (military). After talking to a recruiter the ASVAB is one of the first steps to becoming a Marine. The ASVAB requires strong intellectual skills in order for a recruit to score high on the test, because a low score will place the recruit into a job that is less distinguished and has a higher physical demand. So, to obtain an enjoyable career it is important that a recruit be prepared to take the ASVAB ahead of time through continued practice. An example of a good assessment score to open up multiple career opportunities would be 90 percentile; this score will allow a recruit to enter into Clerical or Electronics types of jobs such as a Field Operator. Lower scores in the 50 and less range would place a recruit into lesser positions such as a Cook or Military Police. Receiving a score in a higher range, such as 115 will allow the chance to become equipment repairers for ground radios, counter mortar repairer or any job that suits the recruit’s likings (Military). Ways to achieve more intellectual knowledge and be successful on the ASVAB is to study, studying is practice, and practice makes progression and eventually achievement.
Next is Mental toughness, this type of toughness is not the same as intellectual knowledge. Mental toughness is being able to push pass the tiredness, saying no to the acing body, and eliminating the thoughts of wanting to give up (Tactical). In the Marines mental toughness is the key, if anyone is running around wanting to give up all the time, then they aren’t going to receive the self confidence that should be preferred in themselves. A reason why mental toughness is important is because without it Marine boot camp will break a recruit. Drill sergeants will scream into the faces of recruits calling them harsh names, they will tell you to perform any activity that they wish and instantly tell you to stop then continue, stop, continue. Performing these types of...

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