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Success And Failure Factors In Project Management

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In this Literature review, the discussion is about the Project management success/failures. In industry business model had lot of variance in the last few years and also the major role of technology being played in this industry. In this Literature review we are going to explain briefly about the various reasons for success and failure of project management and also identifying the major issues relating to Project management, the organizations or the customers that driving the project. Also, what the role played by the seniors, managers and the stake-holders for the overall project management and the risk factors taken into account while processing at levels of projects.
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• Team lead: The Team Lead has major responsibility for defining, planning, tracking and managing the project they are assigned. He is responsible for identifying key resources and providing the direction required for meeting the project.
• Resolve issues: The project manager should manage open issues diligently to ensure that they are being resolved. If there is no urgency to resolve the issue or if the issue has been active for some time, it may not really be an issue. It may be a potential problem (risk), or it may be an action item that needs to be resolved at some later point. Real issues, by their nature, must be resolved with a sense of urgency. (Shahu ,R, Pundir, A,& Ganapathy,L 2012)

For example, in planning an Exchange migration, the project definaction should include the following:
• Objectives: What is the overall objective that will be accomplished and what we hope to achieve.
• Project Overview: why is the project and what are the business benefits?
• Scope: What features that will be covered and what is specifically out of scope
• Approach: How the project will unfold and proceed?
• Signature page: One the document is planned, the signature to be taken from the stakeholders and customers that they agree on it. (Tom Mochal, TechRepublic.2013 )

Failure Factors of Project Management:
While IT project...

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