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Success And Happiness: A Personal Reflection

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Happiness, what is it, and why do we strive to achieve it so persistently? Happiness in some points of view is portrayed as the state that is derived from self-awareness of a benefiting action or moment taking place. What of the moments that are not beneficial? Can a person still find moments of happiness and success in discord, a little glimmer of light shining from the deep recesses of our own consciousness? Plucking it from a mere moment, achieved from money, or is it so much more, happiness is the precipice that all strive to gain to better perceive their success. As a person lives, they are in a constant struggle to be happy. For instance, even the United States Constitution makes reference to the idea that every person has the inalienable right to pursue happiness. This was the resulting outcome of the enlightenment from France, spilling out into the rest of the world from 1650 through 1800. This revolutionized the idea that every single person has the inalienable right to happiness or in different views the right to succeed. As to how one peruses or conjures their happiness that is an entirely different concept and completely up to their preferred preference, but it is something that a person needs to find on their own for true success.
Now how does a person go about being happy, well let us examine one of the most common questions in reference to happiness, “can money buy happiness?” most people would say “yes.” The answer to this question will almost always be yes, because society and humans in general tend to be greedy creature always wanting more, from a better house to finer foods there is and always will be more to obtain. But is having these things what makes humans happy or is it the success of achieving your own moments of glory and increasing your fold, per-say? Viewing the concept of being gifted something, for example winning the lottery does not generally make a person happier than achieving it with their own blood, sweat, and tears “easy money will not bring you happiness earned success will” (Brooks 1). Although the figurative road is much more bittersweet than winning in a mere moment’s glory it is a lasting feeling. The success of reaching the pinnacle of your own mountain, then climbing the next obstacle creating your own happiness with your own two-hands is much more self-fulfilling. To quote a reputable source “we measure our professional success with green pieces of paper called dollars” (Brooks 1). Does the dollar itself make us happy or rather the opportunity for success we have with that dollar? To further define the idea of happiness, it is better to categorize it as a state of mind because happiness has no particular way to measure it, you are either happy or you are not. It is the mindset of a person that derives happiness from success, for instance a person does not need to have a physical object to be happy, and simply speaking with another person can make a person happy or merely the company of a loved one....

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