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Success: In The Eye Of The Beholder.

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**This essay was completed after reading several in class texts which the bibliographies are included at the end. This paper is relating all of these texts through the theme of success.Success: In the Eye of the BeholderSuccess is a universal theme. We see this all around us -- in other people, in music, and definitely in our literature. There are many ways by which to define success. In each of four pieces of literature, success is introduced from a different point of view. In The Pact, success was achieved by three inner city men. They made a pact together to get through medical school and become doctors. Their success was not measured by becoming doctors but by the fact that they had made something better of themselves than ending up on the streets. In "The Challenger Disaster", Richard P. Feynman makes it clear that the mistake that led to this disaster was not just a fuel line o-ring, but the assumption of continued success that NASA had enjoyed. In "Candide", the character Candide felt that his success would only come with rejoining the love of his life. Though he was successful in the end, he realized that he no longer wanted this woman, who had turned ugly. His success now meant nothing to him although he had been very successful in the process of getting to his goal. In Frankenstein, Victor successfully recreates human life, but soon realizes that his success is not admired by other men, and eventually his "success" ruins his own life. Success is presented in different manners by different authors, which allows readers to get a broad understanding of different aspects of success.In "The Pact", the success that the three doctors achieved represents much more than becoming a doctor. The three authors had to avoid the temptations of an easy life on the streets and keep themselves directed towards their goal. They also had obstacles to overcome such as money and schoolwork problems. Even as they left their homes to go off to school, they knew that they were never going to leave. George explains that his "dream has always been to open a dental clinic in Newark someday" (Davis, 102). It was important to them that they would return to their own community and become a positive influence there. They became role models in the community. The people in their community recognized them as successful because they took the initiative to work towards their own goals while recognizing all those that helped them accomplish these goals.Success for NASA is a different story. NASA has been around for decades and has suffered several spectacular disasters. They are still close to the top when it comes to space travel and related technologies. After the Challenger disaster, Feynman identified the problem was the network of people behind the scenes of NASA. According to Feynman, the stated probability of a failure with loss of vehicle and human life differs drastically between the management and the engineers. The engineers say that the probability is 1 in 100...

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