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Success In College Essay

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Do you know that 20% of students dropout college because they couldn’t handle the academic work? Most people believe that college is the main key for getting a good job. Thousands of students are enrolling in college in the United States every year. However, some of them quit college after the freshman year. Learning about success in college is very important. All students should learn about success in college, which will give them a full idea of how they can be successful in college. There are many things that students should learn to meet their goals in college.
There are huge differences between high school and college. Students should predict a lot of work in college before they start ...view middle of the document...

You should take those classes thoughtfully to expand your language skills, (The University of Alabama).

Most people of the age 18 are very active. They like to spend most of their time by doing and discover new things. However, smart students can manage their time by putting college in the first before other activities. Those students are always meeting their goals, so you should learn how to manage your time. Also, your boss will expect that from you in your future job, (The University of Alabama).

The first year at the college might be difficult for some students. When you face difficulties during your time at the college, you will need some an academic assistance. Most colleges provide a tutoring center, so the students can work on some poor skills that they have during their study. When you meet those tutors, you will see big improvements at the end of the semester, (The University of Alabama).

Each student will reactive the courses syllabuses by the beginning of each semester, and they are very important. Because some students fail in...

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