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Success In The Subgenres Of Country Music

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For some artists, Music Row in Nashville, Tennessee can be a blessing, and for others it can be the bearer of bad news. Artists, groups and musicians spend copious amounts of time pounding the pavement, looking for their big break. For Luke Bryan that big break came in 2007 with the release of his album, I'll Stay Me, which was just the beginning for Bryan's sudden success. But some artists just are not as lucky as Bryan. Reckless Kelly's skill and talent, along with their over fifteen years of experience, should make them a direct competitor in the country genre with Bryan, but unfortunately they have not achieved the same type success that Bryan has found.
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” Released in October of 2009, his second album proved to not only country music fans, but the music industry in general, that Bryan was a superstar in the making (GAC). With this album came Bryan's fourth single “Do I”, which he wrote with two members of Lady Antebellum, with the third as backing vocals on the track. This single reached number two on the country song charts, paving the way for the rest of the album. The next two singles released, “Rain Is a Good Thing” and “Someone Else Calling You Baby”, both hit number one on the country music charts as well. But what most found interesting on Bryan's album was his cover of OneRebulic's hit song “Apologize”. This seemed to be Bryan's gateway into the pop music scene.
The upbeat, pop oriented single “Country Girl (Shake It for Me)” was the initial release for Bryan's third studio album, Tailgates & Tanlines, which was hit stores on August 9, 2011. Eventually reaching number one on the country album charts and number two on the Billboard 200, Bryan's third album was full of hit singles, such as “I Don't Want This Night to End”, “Drunk on You” and “Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye” (CMT). His most successful album yet, Bryan seemed to be stepping away from his traditional country roots and getting closer to his pop influences. This became more evident with his latest album Crash My Party. His first single off the new album, “Crash My Party” was released on April 7, 2013 and reached number one shortly after, along with the other singles since released from the album. “That's My Kind of Night” seemed to be the most successful release in not only the country genre, but on the pop charts as well.
“That's My Kind of Night” was the second single released from the album Crash My Party and it proved to be the most controversial release to date from Bryan. This track goes all-in on the newly popular country-rap style and relies heavily on many cliches from both the country and hip-hop genre (Easton). The thumping base lines lead into Bryan not so much singing as he is speaking along with the tempo. The opening verse clearly reflects the hip-hop, rap influences that he is tapping into by beginning with the lyrics I got that real good, feel good stuff, as well as talking about “rollin' on 35's”, listening to T-Pain, and making it rain. This quickly leads into his fast paced, upbeat chorus which works in his country charm with lyrics such as Floatin' down the Flint River, catch us up a little catfish dinner/ Don't it sound like a winner, winner, along with the strumming banjo juxtaposing the heavy hip-hop baseline. Bryan leads into the final verse and chorus with just the occasional drum beat backing the sound of clapping hands, followed by heavy beats and back into his upbeat tempo, ending the song strongly with a simple C'mon.
Along with his numerous hit records, Bryan also maintained a solid touring schedule that helped to strengthen his vocals. Known as one of the best country entertainers, Bryan started his...

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