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Success Is Key Essay

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Outliers are people who are not of the ordinary and tend to be extremely successful. Malcolm Gladwell is an English-Canadian journalist who is a best selling author. Gladwell has also been a staff writer of the New Yorker since before the new millenium. In Outliers, Gladwell describes the 10,000 hour rule in which he himself has been apart of. His writing in The New Yorker and selling many books has logged in time well above 10,000 hours. Having so many hours of practice gives him a high reputation and tells the reader that his books are worth reading. The purpose of Gladwell’s book is to inform the reader. Some people may think his purpose is to teach, which is also true, but he solely ...view middle of the document...

Gladwell organizes the chapter, the 10,000 hour rule, by stating multiple examples of people or groups who became successful through many hours of practice. He tells short stories which are longer than anecdotes, but is too short to be a full fledged story. He started out with simple stories like the beatles. In general, they practiced a lot and became a master band. Then Gladwell moved on into the story of Bill Gates. He brought up that Gates was extremely lucky and that hard work does pay off. The logos appeal or logical appeal was used by presenting the fact that after 10,000 hours someone should be a master at what they do. This is proven to be true because Bill Gates become the master of computers and the Beatles became a master musicians. Using logos strengthened his argument because the reader could trust what he was saying because what he was saying was fact. Gladwell uses the pathos appeal or emotional appeal to get the reader to truly know how the person feels. He does this by using vivid language which makes the reader feel for the person that Gladwell is talking about. Gladwell can be seen as having some bias because he is successful, but after he states a fact, he refutes so both successful readers and readers who want to be successful will be content reading and can trust what he is saying.
While writing, Gladwell uses a more serious tone. He tells the stories of these successful people and how much of it was luck, and he wants the reader to understand that. The title of the chapter, the...

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