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Success Is Not Happiness Essay

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Happiness is not what everyone encounters in their life, to meet happiness a person must make sure the world always takes their side and always supports them in every decision they make. Trying to make everyone happy is not going to happen so quickly, many people are never satisfied even when a person breaks their neck to try to make them happy. In a family business no matter how hard you work to make sure your uncle or your aunt’s small business is the best in town, they will always want more. The top man is always expecting more and more work from you. When a person thinks they did so much work that no more could be done, that is the point when “the boss” demands more. The definition of happiness includes “good fortune; pleasure; contentment; joy.”( When people do favor for the public they are never satisfied. Society is never satisfied with what a person contributes therefore, people often believe success is more ...view middle of the document...

Being in a relationship with a lover led many people to think they are not good enough for society because they cannot keep a stable relationship. Being in a demanding relationship with your boyfriend who expects you to act perfect and to hold a relationship with no mistakes is a person who will never make you “happy”. Another person who constantly wants a person to act perfect does not have a real love towards that person. With the negativity included in society a person will never achieve happiness because they are always focused on wanting more of a relationship or a favor therefore happiness does not constitute success.

A successful person is one who achieves their goals without letting others confuse them or let people hinder them from becoming wealthy or obtaining their dream job. Success “the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors; the accomplishment of one's goals” (, will never be achieved if people let other make decisions for them. Your classmate tells you “that you are bad at math so why are you a business student?” The intention or a goal-orientated person is to prove their classmate wrong. If you are constantly driven by society and what society thinks of you, success will never present itself. Understanding that people will never be happy with what you do for them, a person must set their own goals of success and meet them without letting others come in between. People who believe in their capabilities and the endless opportunities their intelligence can get them are the ones who are truly successful. Happiness is not important to success because everyone has their own definition of success and if there is a preference not everyone who is successful is happy but they are able to live comfortably because they achieved their goals. Happiness is not necessary if it is not included in their goals. For example, there are many people including celebrities who are famous and wealthy, that does not mean they are “happy” but they sure are successful. To live with a success a person must sacrifice happiness and if that includes leaving the negatives out then success is ultimately accomplished.

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