Success Or Failure: Its All In Your Head?

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Sports are one of the most important parts of our culture in the United States. A vast majority of people in our country grew up playing an organized team sport and even if they did not participate in an organized team sport they surely played a sport in school growing up or at the nearest park or school yard. Sport is a part of human nature and exists all over the world, even in the most sheltered and closed off countries. While it is all fun and games, when one reaches a certain level it may seem to turn into something much different. It becomes a lifestyle for those who take it far enough and in some cases it becomes a career and a way of income, so not only must you play all the time in ...view middle of the document...

He goes on to say that he believes the main component to being successful in anything is to be confident which a vast majority of other sports psychologists would agree with. On the other side of things, lack of confidence will likely lead to failure. Those who lack confidence and do not believe they will succeed rarely ever will, it is very simple in theory, but much harder to do when you are actually competing and going through a rough time in a sport. Many athletes have certain routines or items that they believe will bring them good luck. When they complete these routines it instills confidence and increases the odds of success. In other words, it all goes back to believing in yourself and being confident in your abilities in your sport.
Another important tip that sports psychologists tell athletes to utilize is positive visualization. If a player can envision themselves completing a task or being successful then that will boost confidence and motivation to do so. Self-fulfillment is something many athletes strive for, they want to complete their goals and be in the winner’s circle, and one of the first steps to doing so is the belief that he or she can do it. A good example of a team that uses this strategy is the University of Nevada, Reno Baseball team. Before every game, home or on the road, the team gathers in a room and lies down with the lights off and spends about 10 minutes visualizing the success they will have in the upcoming competition. The Nevada baseball team is one of many that utilize the strategy passed on to them by sports psychologists.
What happens when everything is not going an athlete’s way? Even with all the confidence in the world a player is bound to go through a rough spot in a long career. Dealing with failure is sometimes difficult to do and can cause serious problems in a person’s mental state if it is not handled correctly. Sports psychologist help athletes turn the tables on failure and make it seem to be not such a bad thing. They help them look at failure as a learning experience, as feedback, as something that will help them grow as an athlete down the road if they take the time to actually learn from their failure and make adjustments.
As stated earlier, there will be a point in an athlete’s career when they...

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