Successful Aging Elderly (Sae) Essay

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Successful Aging Elderly (SAE)
In elderly population most of the research carried out so far emphasizes on the functional problems and diseases. When it comes to successful aging elderly (SEA), it has been recommended that health status should be used to distinguish between elderly subgroups populace and disease-free people possible describe successful aging elderly (SAE).
The research papers aims to describe a transitory overview of successful aging elderly research, illustrated in there chief sections: cognitive aspects, psychological and social aspects. It is proposed that future studies will unemployment an extensive demonstration of SAE, where the emphases will be more on biological, health and cognitive perspective.
The concept of successful aging is also termed as super aging or optimal health, was coined by Rowe & Kahn in 1987. Fundamentally, successful aging elderly illustrates neither usual aging (a gradual decrease in biological and psychological functioning) nor pathological aging. Instead, it illustrates a form of aging connected to a reduced possibility of disability or diseases, increased physical and cognitive functioning, including autonomy maintained.
Aging and old age for a long time presented as dominated by negative traits and states such as sickness, depression and isolation. The aging process is not simply senescence most people over the age of 65 are not Senile, bedridden, isolated, or suicidal (Aldwin & Levenson, 1994). This change in perspective led the investigation of the other side of the coin. Ageing is seen as health, maturity and personal Royal growth, self-acceptance, happiness, generatively, coping and acceptance of age-related constraints (Birren & Fisher, 1995). Psychological understanding of successful aging is however, also often associated with the absence of age-Associated features - "just not age" equated.
Successful aging may be regarded as the satisfaction with the conceptualized present and past lives Larson (1978). In more recent approaches, it may include two approaches to describe successful aging identified. These are related to the theoretical stress on adaptations considerations. In the framework of theoretical concepts stress, it is argued successful aging consists of felicitous dealing with a characteristic of process of age stressors (Birren & Cunningham, 1985). Successful aging is also characterized as profit maximization minimizes losses (Baltes & Carstensen, 1996).

Since successful aging is addressed in psychological theories that were completely under- different descriptive and explanatory attempts are made. The models diverge significantly in their conceptions of age, their degree of differentiation and especially of the derived factors to root a successful aging. The approaches described as psychosocial macro models are characterized as they are similar to every individual and process of aging matching development constructs in expected age. This approach is...

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