Successful And Unsuccessful Spin Doctoring Case In Public Relations

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This essay focuses on how spin doctoring became a phenomenon among public relations, journalists, politician and even a massive campaign. This essay considers the tool used by the spin doctoring team to engage and steer public opinion. Spin team must have a strategy in using each tool and we will discuss how this strategy affected how well the result will be. Overall, this essay has been written to show two spin teams use different spin tools in order to change public’s perspectives. The brief explanation shows how well the strategy they use to the success of the campaign and how it can be unsuccessful.

The mainstream model of liberal journalism believes that it’s practices result in stories that are an accurate reflection of reality, journalist believe they simply hold a mirror up to society (Louw, 2010). In constructing a story, spin team must have an insight on how the society believe nowadays, and it’s not only to just follow that believe, but give society an option to consider another belief. Therefore the spin team need to understand their audience first, what is the best tool they can use as a strategy, how to talk with those audience, generate comprehensive media knowledge and the ability to spin current perspective. The public relations / spin industry is geared to planting stories in the media by using journalists to disseminate stories serving the spin doctors agenda (Louw, 2010). Nowadays, in developing a campaign, the role of spin team is very powerful. It’s not about how well the messages received to the public or remembered but becoming a share worthy and meaningful messages that shows empathy as well as emotionally attached with everyone. The Dove “real beauty” campaign shows a successful role of spin team, they use a different tool to introduce their product. On the other hand, first lady’s instagram issues in Indonesia shows an unsuccessful spin doctoring.

Based on the findings of a major global study, The Real Truth About Beauty: A Global Report, Dove launched the campaign for real beauty in 2004. The campaign started with a global conversation about the need for a broader definition about real beauty since the study shown true meaning of beauty has become limited and narrowed. The study findings shown that only 2% of women around the world believe that they are beautiful. Therefore, in 2010 Dove started a campaign called Dove Movement For Self-Esteem for all women around the world. This campaign leads to a question, why women started to think that they’re not beautiful? Does media played a big role in this low self-esteem cause? Assuming all beauty products all over the world, including Dove itself was only portray a ‘beautiful’ women for their products that far from reality. Regarding to a media stereotyping about beautiful woman such as white skin, long hair, skinny, and tall, Dove spin team tend to steer women’s perspective throughout it.

Dove spin team introduce the product in a unique different way. While other...

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