Successful And Unsuccessful Spin Doctoring Case In Public Relations; Who Wins Who Loses On Being Transparent?

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From the above point of view, Dove Spin Teams which is Ogilvy & Mather (International Advertising, Marketing and PR Agency) using great tools to reached their audience. First they’re successful in using Dove Real Beauty terms into social change campaign for women by using videos on YouTube, secondly they strike a meaningful messages become an interesting case to be shared and talked. Lastly, the ability to understand and work with journalist. To execute this tool, Dove Spin Teams using journalistic point of view to make the story is newsworthy. They create fluff for the script, so it will be more interesting, by portraying unusual angle of the story, in this case ‘real beauty’ in Dove point ...view middle of the document...

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has been criticize every time towards his performance as president. While the problems are way more to political, the spin team attempted to fix public’s opinion by picturing the president using social media. The intention in using this tool is simply to make public realize that the distance between people and their president is only a thumb away. Means that everyone feel free to give aspiration to president. While the president of Indonesia is famous enough in twitter, the spin team attempted to grab public’s attention on Mr. President’s wife; Ani Yudhoyono. Since the hobby of Ani Yudhoyono is photography, it’s perfect to use social media Instagram as a platform to share her photos, her daily life as the first lady also her daily life as a simple wife and as a newly grand mother.
The first lady joined Instagram last year under the account name @aniyudhoyono. Since she entered this social media sphere, she has been regularly sharing photos such as place that she visited, national and international events that she joined, her activities, her family; her husband, sons, daughters in law and also her grand child, showing her ability in photography as well such as nature and art photograph. However, Instagram allowed everyone to put comment on the photo, and that’s was when the trouble began. Some of her followers on Instagram were critical of certain photos of her family, and Ani Yudhoyono strike back those critical comments with offensive responses. It’s obviously shown that the first lady was not ready for cyber world or maybe the spin teams failed to predict what kind of crisis that might come. There are several responses from Ani Yudhoyono that recognized as the result of unsuccessful spin doctoring in using this tool:
1. In 17 January 2014 Ani Yudhoyono feel offended when the followers comment on her camera belongs to the state. The first lady responded it seriously that the camera she used was the present from her parents in 1976, and she also add the word, ‘UNDERSTAND?’ with capital.
2. In 16 January 2014, one of Ani’s followers asked a question in her photo, why the first lady keep posting photos on Instagram while flood issues in Jakarta wasn’t solved yet? The first lady response it with blaming other person, ‘why don’t you ask the wife of Jakarta’s governor? It’s her responsibility’, said Ani. Regarding to Ani’s offensive respond, she finally apologized on her instagram account, saying “I would like to extend my gratitude for the encouragement and the...

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