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Successful Strategies To Work With Differing Personalities

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Organizational Behavior DISC Platinum Rule™ Assessment and Workplace Observation Discussion The purpose of this week’s exercise is about increasing our awareness of the differences in personalities when we work closely with others and creating successful strategies while working in teams. The DISC Rule Assessment provides a basis for each person’s individual style and focuses on how that style can affect how people work with each other in a team environment. Each person has traits that will help define the make-up of an organized team. The first style is called The Harmonizer which is predominantly a Steadiness Style. The person with this style is consistent, likes stability, accommodating, peace-seeking, and likes helping and supporting others. They are also seen as good listeners and counselors. This person will develop close relationships with just a few friends. Their personality is more about asking rather than telling. This person likes for people to be genuinely interested in them as a person. In the work environment they need time to adjust to change, need clearly defined goals ongoing support, and recognition and appreciation of their achievements. The Harmonizer dislikes aggression and conflict and is put off by confusion and complexity. They become more expressive and emotional under pressure and seek affection, approval and displays of caring from other people. They are great listeners but can get too involved in helping others. They are more task-oriented and good at building relationships. The next style is the Go-Getter which is another predominantly Steadiness Style. They also like consistency and stability. This person can be very direct in situations that are task-focused. Their ability to think through a project makes this person a very good short-term planner because they can identify the roles, resources, and timelines needed to complete a project successfully. This person is result oriented which makes them very self-reliant. They do not depend upon others to get the quality they want. The Go-Getter becomes rigid and guarded when under pressure and are less comfortable with complex or multiple tasks. The next style is The Producer which is a predominantly a Dominance Style. The primary goal that motivates this person is accomplishing bigger and better goals according to their own timetable. This person wants to be involved in projects from start to finish but only of their choosing. They do not like to interact with anyone who is an obstacle to the achievement of their goals. Employers relish this type person because they are efficient, dependable and focus on improving production on a steady basis. Producers are stubborn, competitive, don’t like to be told what to do, how to something or when to do something, are extremely focused when under pressure, and are not very good at delegating. The last style is...

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