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Successful Points Of The Ancient Chinese Civilization

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Successful Points of the Ancient Chinese Civilization

The Ancient Chinese civilization went through a series of successful social affairs as well
as a series of social disarray. Each Dynasty resulted in slightly different reforms, but it seems as
though the overall Chinese population held the same general beliefs on such things as family,
education and the civilization as a whole. I believe that these morals are what really held the
Chinese civilization together in times of conflict and political division.

A Chinese family was traditionally very large. It was what would be called an "extensive
family" today. The grandparents, parents, and children of one family all lived together. It was
considered a sign of good luck and happiness, if five generations lived together at one time. In
Ancient China, the family was a strict hierarchy:
sons (oldest to youngest)
daughters (oldest to youngest)
Being the ruler in his home, the father assigned his children's careers, determined their education,
arranged their marriages, gave rewards or punishments, and controlled the family finances. Every
family member gave their earnings to the father, who then decided how to redistribute the money.

The Chinese have always respected and stressed learning. All parents tried to give their
sons, rather than daughters, the best education possible. In poor families, boys were usually
trained from early childhood to do the same jobs as their fathers. At times, however, extremely
intelligent boys were able to attend school if a rich relative or group of neighbors agreed to help
pay the fees. Boys from wealthy families could either attend school or choose to learn from a
private tutor in their own homes. Girls from wealthy families might also learn at home from a
tutor. Otherwise, she would learn domestic tasks from her mother, such as sewing and
The main goal of schools was to train boys to be able to become a government official.
However, it was...

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