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Successful Teams Essay

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Effective and efficient communication forms the golden thread for successful teamwork. The key areas that will be addressed by this author are: doing an assessment for the team to find out what is needed to perform the task; team development, leadership, and globalization of the team are key elements for successful teamwork. The author will also discuss a set of guidelines that would help consultants in bringing about successful teamwork.
Team Assessment
In order to bring out successful teams, the first step is for managers to do an assessment. The assessment will consist of the managers answering the following questions that were brought out in Dyer, Dyer, & Dyer, 2007 p. 17-22: how important is effective teamwork to accomplish this particular task, what type of team is needed, does the organization’s context of culture, structure, and does the system support teamwork, what degree of interdependence is required to complete the team’s tasks, modular interdependence, sequential interdependence, and reciprocal interdependence.
The way the manager answers the assessment questions would be to acknowledge that teamwork plays a vital role in accomplishing tasks; the members of the team will receive support from each other. The team looks at other’s viewpoints, coming to terms with feelings, fostering interdependence, self-initiation, and direction. Within the organizations, multi-disciplinary work is taking place where teams cut across organizational divides. The unique and different aspects and abilities that each brings to the team helps enhance the team. The team has a broader base of knowledge by improving work processes. Depending on the type of team needed, the results from gathering information will be quicker, and easier versus not working within a team to gather the needed information. For example, in the sport golf, the modular interdependence is that individual members do a task, and the results of the task are pulled together to receive a team result. The sequential interdependence is essential to efficient operations with regards to scheduling and planning. This takes place when one team member needs another team member to perform a task before the task is completed for example, a baseball team or working on an assembly line. Reciprocal interdependence needs higher skills to work with coordination of tasks. By working in a cyclical model the output of one team member is the input of another team members for example, a basketball team, (Dyer, Dyer, & Dyer, 2007 p. 21-22).
Team Development
Shaping and given direction takes place in team development by establishing rapport and by building on genuine emotional deposit. The way managers interact with their teams they supervise makes a difference with trust and respect. The team members would be knowledgeable of their job roles, and how each member supports each other to continue to build commitment to the team. This author will also inform the team on how the team...

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