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Successfully Developing And Maintaining An Area Of Natural Scenic Beauty And Amenity As A Tourist Resource

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Successfully Developing and Maintaining an Area of Natural Scenic Beauty and Amenity as a Tourist Resource

Involves many conflicts how do you agree with this statement?

Natural beauty and wilderness can be found in very few places that are
undisturbed within the modern western world. As such any sites that
display natural beauty become havens for tourists and visitors who
wish to relax or use outdoor pursuits. As more visitors flock to these
natural "honey pots" they become under strain and as such many
features of the environment suffer and may require management to
reduce any rate of decay or to let the area recover. Though these
problems are not only faced by the developed world but also areas of
outstanding natural beauty in the less economically developed world.
Not only do people come to visit areas such as arches national park in
America but they also come to use amenities such as water sports such
as those on Loch Lomond Scotland.

Tourism depends greatly upon primary resources of outstanding natural
beauty as it generates a vast amount of income that normally is fed
straight into the local economy instead of being diverted like with
the mass tourism that is normally found on the coast. Though with this
demand for tourism many conflicts can occur. These can be between
tourists, locals, farmers, the employed, the local council,
environment agencies and groups as well as national park protection
schemes. Though there are many ways in which these conflicts can be
resolved or ways in which a compromise can be reached, in this essay I
will give examples of conflicts and places and explain various
techniques that have been used to combat the problem as well as if
they have worked effectively or at all.

Loch Lomond, Scotland is the new heart of water sports in the northern
United Kingdom. It is based in mid south west Scotland and is 24 miles
long and up to 7 miles wide, the southern loch is surrounded by
rolling hills and countryside that allow for various recreational
activities such as golfing as well as walking for the beginner or
intermediate. At the northern end of the lake the scenery becomes more
elevated and starts to resemble a glacial fjord with large coniferous
forests. This rapid change in scenery provides an excellent base for a
multitude of outdoor pursuits and activities. Although the environment
around Loch Lomond has suffered significantly due to its vulnerability
to human interference. Footpath erosion and motor sport disturbance
are the two main contributing to conflicts in this area.

For Loch Lomond the main demands and needs for the area are based
around the now growing local economy that supports local people and
there businesses. Until the area became known for tourists the economy
was mainly based upon fishing and agriculture. As such with the new

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