Successfully Using Technology As A Student

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Successfully Using Technology as a Student
The importance of using technology in the classroom is becoming increasingly important. As technology continues to evolve it becomes more and more imperative that it’s integrated in the classrooms as well. This allows for children who do not have access to technology at home the opportunity to learn these technologies that they will need their entire student careers. To have the advantages of technology available to some kids, and not to others gives those with the privilege of computers, etc… an advantage. The way that life is now, there is not man jobs, or many aspects of life in general that do not require the use of a computer, or even something more advanced. Not only do people who are technologically savvy have a leg up in the career force, but they also have the LEG UP with new technologies that come out. There are so many amazing pieces of technology that aid in learning and are beneficial to the learning environment. As more and more technologies are invented it becomes more and more important that it is integrated
Though there are a good deal of positive side effects of technology, and plenty of reasons that it should be assimilated into the classroom, however, where there are positives there are also negatives. There are arguments that using too much technology hinders creativity. Another dispute against a lot of technology use is that it encourages laziness. A great point was brought up by Wenglinsky (2005) that having technology in of itself is not a benefit. That the way it is used is more important to the successfulness of using it in the classroom. In the book Using Technology Wisely, there are two approaches to teaching that vary, the constructivist approach than the didactic According to a study done in EdTechMagazine, 16% of students said that they would skip a class if the lecture was available online (Daly, 2012).
Having limited access to technology, is a huge negative to the growing importance of technology in the classroom… It is an unfair advantage to the students who do not have access to computers, and the internet. As per a study conducted by asking 25 teachers from all grade levels questions pertaining to technology, most of them agreed on a lot of the questions, such as : “ All students should have an opportunity to learn to use technology at school. – 96% agree” One of the teachers had this to say: Goldman, S. & Lucas, R. (2012)
“I agree 175 percent, and I think that given the state of the 21st century and the rapid development of technology, that it is a major…issue of equality that all students from all different demographics have access to technology so that they will be prepared for the jobs and skills of the 21st century.” One of the other teachers had a similar viewpoint, and pointed out how the technology just is not...

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