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Everyone should dream. "It starts with a dream. It starts with building castles in the air and then knowing the difference between a fantasy and a dream and finally making it come true"( Rudy Ruettiger ). I was always so proud of myself because I had opportunity to come here and and have a good education. When I was came here I did not know any English at all. When I was small my parent put me in gujarati medium school. It was really hard for me to learn and understand englisg as it is my second language. When I had to come to America I knew it I will have problem with language with understand and writing, but still I thought I will manage it since I did learn English as second language. But, unfortunately I was very wrong. My uncle who majored in English in India had problems speaking in English with the 'Americans', These 'Americans' always sounded too good to listen too. I always wondered after coming to America that why were the kids about same as my age so perfect at English even I did leaned speaking English in India, but after that I noticed that once you start staying here you will also get same pronoussience as them for English language. You will start speaking fluant English and slowly you ferget hard sound that we Indian have when we speak English.When I first started school in America I was shocked to find out that I could not even follow through a single whole sentence that someone told me after knowing little English as well. I would be lost in listening to the sounds of the speaker rather then concentrating on the words. I always had to ask the speaker either to repeat what he or she said or I just guessed what he or she was telling me from the circumstances, facial expression, and the lip movement and nod into agreement or denial.I did had some problems writing and reading English, it was just that I sounded too funny when I read aloud or spoke to someone in English. Sometimes the listener would ask me almost two to three times to repeat myself and it was too embarrassing for me. I felt aloofer and isolated from rest of the students in my class. I tried hard not to speak anything in the class. I only spoke when someone asked me a question that I had to answer. Also, I thought a thousand times before going up in front of the class for presenting myself. I was not scared of standing in front of the class; the only thing that I was scared of was English. I always feared that I would pronounce something wrong or would sound funny when I say something in front of the class and I could not take those embarrassing moment when other students thought that I should not have been in that class because I was different than them. Few of my first experiences with English let my feeling down of being proud of knowing English. I thought I would not make through knowing how to speak and read English well like others. And therefore I started suppressing myself. Since then I hated speaking in public. At home I was comfortable with using my mother...

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906 words - 4 pages Management fads come and go, but some things just don't change. The fundamental values of good leadership and management determine just how effective you really are as a boss. Great bosses consistently inspire employees to perform well and remain loyal. Needless to say, those qualities play a major role in the long-term success of your business.Therefore, make sure you're doing the following seven things every day:AcknowledgeWhen things are going

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734 words - 3 pages Clothing is important on how others perceive us. It affects our views on our confidence and ourselves. In any business setting the most important garment for both men and women is the suit. Wearing a suit immediately conveys authority, credibility, and likeability qualities that are critical in business interactions. Different positions, companies, and different parts of the world have different dress codes. Keep in mind the importance of wearing

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1163 words - 5 pages IntroductionWhen it comes to planning the future, many people drift aimlessly from day to day, year-to-year, with little focus or long-term direction. Where as other people--a small minority--meticulously set goals and ruthlessly conform to a never-ending regimen of daily planners, color-coded to-do lists, sticky notes on the bathroom mirror, and time-management seminars.Most of us fall somewhere in-between. We certainly do look ahead and

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626 words - 3 pages enormous role in setting the mood of the movie. Suspense is one factor that is present in the whole movie. The high-pitched, slow paced music sets the mood needed for a suspenseful part. When watching, one gets so involved in the scene that when the conclusion is reached and the music is quickly switched to high-volume, fast-paced tone, he reacts as if he was present in that situation.All these little things add up to making the movie a big sucess. Still, there are some things, such as the Apes jumping constantly to cover distances, seeming as thoug they are flying, that i did not like about the movie. Overall, i give it a 4.5 out of 5, and recommend you to watch it aswell.

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943 words - 4 pages a private label footwear. Candies took its name from a high-heeled shoe marketed from Charles Cole, founder of El Greco called thr "Candies Slide." The "Candies Slide" was a new shoe that linked a mesh material to produce a zipper front go-go boot in the early 1960's that became a favorite. The Candies Brand was first registered in 1978 by Charles Cole, and placed his first order of 600 pairs or shoes. The sucess of Cole's shoe was displayed in


829 words - 4 pages production , selling 40% of their stake to Anglo-American Plc, limiting its sales to its own mines, moving the traditional epicentre from London to Botswana and with Dubai now positioning itself as the upcoming diamond route to India and China , it may be difficult to sustain the status of the Traditional Diamond Trading Centre. However, as the recent international sight in November 2013 successfully welcomed 81 sightholders from New York, Mumbai, Tel Aviv and Antwerp in Gaborone, it might prove to be also very successful decision. We can just wish all the best in the progress and hope more sucess will come on the way. Works Cited newspapaper, magazines

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906 words - 4 pages Management fads come and go, but some things just don't change. The fundamental values of good leadership and management determine just how effective you really are as a boss. Great bosses consistently inspire employees to perform well and remain loyal. Needless to say, those qualities play a major role in the long-term success of your business.Therefore, make sure you're doing the following seven things every day:AcknowledgeWhen things are going