Sudden Death In Athletes Essay

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The sudden death of an athlete is always a tragic story that is headlines in every newspaper. Athletic field catastrophes strike to the heart of our awareness's and often stimulate us. Without doubt, they raise a number of practical and ethical issues. Athletes have to be in the best shape if they want to compete in their certain sport. How could athletes be in such good shape one moment but dead the next? There are many diseases that could cause these results and might have warning signals to avoid such fate.Most of the athlete's illnesses have been linked to heart disease (O'Connor, Francis). The most common cardiac illnesses are hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, aortic stenosis, congenital and acquired coronary disease, and myocarditis. The less common incidents have been mitral valve prolapse, Marfan's syndrome, and right ventricular dysplasia. The majority of athletes with these diseases have had them since they were born (Falstti, Herman).Sudden death can also occur from problems other than cardiac causes. Athletes that get addicted to drugs put themselves at a higher risk for heart related problems. Alcohol, cocaine, steroids, amphetamine, and erythropoietin (EPO) are some causes of non-natural cardiac problems (Falstti, Herman).Doctors are trying to find a way to detect which athletes are at risk of sudden death. Physical exams and history checks are a good way to identify the athletes who are more prone to cardiac disease. Often these exams are not enough. If you want to play a high school, college, or professional sport, you have to have a physical. There are two steps to the physical; the first step occurs when the athlete fills out a form that has background history about themselves and their family's history. During the second step, the doctor actually checks the athlete's eyes, oral cavity, ears, nose, lungs, abdomen, skin, and blood pressure. Most of the time, these tests are...

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