Sue Smith Vs. Alice Adams Essay

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Sue Smith and Alice Adams have legitimate claims of discrimination and sexual harassment against not only Walter but Techno Masters as well. Sue claimed Walter had not only pinched her breast but made remarks about their controversial relationship. These comments lead her to believe that her Boss's conservative perception interfered with her receiving benefits. Pinching her breast would fall under hostile work environment sexual harassment. This involves sexual comments or innuendo that interfere their ability to work. This clearly interferes with ones ability to work. Another claim the plaintiff could make would be that she did not receive benefits solely on the fact that her boss's conservative attitude towards gay relationships. The qualifications to be eligible for health benefits were met completely by both women. Walter's reference to the Bible and constant badgering is completely unnecessary. Walter said, " Ill get rid of that devil." There is clear reason for Sue and Alice to file a claim.2. Sue and Alice must follow civil procedure. The first step would be to file a complaint to a federal agency. In this case the federal agency would be the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) It is then the commission who furthers the case. The plaintiff benefits in doing so because the Government covers legal fees. A possible settlement would be discussed between the plaintiff and defendant's attorneys. This is discussed in a pre trial conference. The plaintiff's lawyer may call for a Requests Admissions, which asks for the facts to just come out so time wont is wasted. A right to trial with out jury is protected for both parties. To prove discrimination and sexual harassment Sue will have to refer to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act 1964, which prohibits any kind of this behavior in the work place. To successfully prove that she did not receive these benefits because of her boss's personal views Sue must bring evidence of her relationship and work qualifications. The plaintiff will try to prove Disparate treatment against them....

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