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Suffering is one of the things that make us human, it is what lets us enjoy the good times and thank God for them. Because it is though suffering and trials of life that we come to know our true selves. Suffering is a gift from God that people many times don't realize. Now we have this idea of suffering but what is suffering really? Is it evil? Is it physical? Does it just pertain to one area of life? Suffering is emotional pain that runs deeper than physical pain. Suffering runs deeper and longer if someone suffers emotionally from something, which could take a lifetime to recover. Suffering also forces us to usually ask for help; to search out others for strength, for many of us that are when some of the greatest bonds of friendship will be made is helping someone that is suffering. In the play Antigone we see much suffering mainly by the main character that was persecuted and eventually committed suicide in a cave after being buried alive. Antigone came from a messed up family her father Oedipus killed himself after he found out that he had killed his father and married his real mom. Then not too long after that Oedipus' sons kill each other in a battle to become king. So Creon becomes king and declares Plyonises an enemy of the state so he won't be buried. This troubled Antigone because she believed that if Plyonises weren't buried he would not cross in to the land of the dead but be forced to walk the land as a ghost. We see that Antigone held her brothers and the laws of the gods sacred were as her sister just thought well of the laws of Zeus. We can tell this because she wasn't willing to risk suffering to bury her brother. Where Antigone not only went and buried her brother but she also wouldn't hide that fact from her uncle the king. Suffering is something that tests our faith and values; it is like the tests of fire in the New Testament were Paul says that we will have our actions tested by fire. Suffering is like that fire it will separate something that we idealize from something that we hold sacred. One thing that I find many people miss is that suffering is caused by evil in this world but people forget that many times suffering is caused by other people's sin. Such as Antigone's suffering was because her brothers couldn't get along and because her uncle felt that he was better than the gods law and wouldn't bury his kin. We must not forget compassion in dealing with each other, for if we help others and forgive we will save others from suffering and maybe even ourselves. We see that in the case of king Creon, if he had given Antigone grace for doing the right thing even though it was against his law. He would have saved himself a lot of pain and saved his family from the on going curse of death. What I believe Sophocles is trying to show in the area of suffering is that we show our true colors when we are suffering. We see that even though her life was in danger Antigone did the right thing. Sophocles shows us also that suffering...

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