Suffering Death And Resurrection Of Jesus Christ

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Suffering Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ

Suffering, Death, and Resurrection are three key beliefs for
Christians. They are closely linked together as Jesus suffered died
and was resurrected.

A modern day example of someone who suffered for their beliefs and for
other people is James Mawdsley. After hearing about the terrible
conditions in Burma, while backpacking in New Zealand. James decided
to investigate for himself and after being deported returned only to
find himself in solitary confinement for 99 days followed by 8 days of
torture and his release. James returned a third time and was sentenced
to 17 years for 'illegal entry and sedition'. James did not have to
any of this but he did it for his beliefs.

Mark's community went through great persecution at the time of Jesus.
The |Romans persecuted them for their beliefs however they did not
give up, this shows great courage and faith in God which sets an
example for modern day Christians who are going through times of

Conflict and rejection are to be expected and Christians must trust
Gods plans, which are that anyone who asks in the name of Jesus will
be saved. Christians relationship with God depends on the death of
Jesus as everyday we make sacrifices for him and God made the ultimate
sacrifice of his only son, this makes Christians feel closer to God.
For this Christians must respond with prayer and sacrifices of their
own, and in baptism they are promised to receive their benefits.

Resurrection is the most important belief for Christians today. An
example of a modern day Christian who has lived out resurrection is
Mary Craig. Mary's first child was born handicapped and died very
young. Mary then had another child who was perfectly healthy but her
third boy was born with Down syndrome and would need constant care and
attention although it was difficult Mary described having Nicky as
living through the resurrection for sheer joy and as an everyday
Christmas present. She said Nicky was a gift from God as he gave her
total love and affection.

Jesus' resurrection is the foundation or our practise as Christians,
without there would be no such thing as Christianity and because of
Jesus' sacrifice when he was resurrected it causes us to experience
him to be present in all of our lives. Without the resurrection we
would not be able to pray to him which is a big part of our religion,
it is also the reason we celebrate Eucharist because if Jesus wasn't
crucified we wouldn't be able to receive him at mass.

Our personal resurrection or our life after death gives us the duty to
behave morally and gives us the responsibility to have good judgement.
It also makes sense of why some people may suffer un-justly...

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