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Do You Suffer?
Life can be proven to be extremely difficult at many different points; whether people are just finding their place in the world, or they are finally settling down after decades of toil and strain. In the words of American Dramatist Tennessee Williams, “Don’t look forward to the day you stop suffering, because when it comes you’ll know you’re dead.” This quote relates how everyone in the world is constantly suffering in some way, shape, or form and in the Scarlet Letter the situation is no different. The entire novel is based upon simple mistakes made by an array of individuals, and the repercussions of those choices that cause different forms of suffering. Throughout this ...view middle of the document...

This particular event shows the beginning of the degradation of his whole pious mindset, as this symbol of placing his hand over his heart is a recurring sign of his struggle throughout the novel. Now that Dimmesdale has begun his long, deteriorative journey, Mr. Roger Chillingworth, the local “doctor” so to speak, is able to seek out one of his first important patients.
Roger Chillingworth is portrayed very cleverly and very intriguingly over the course of the story, as he has inherited a strange set of circumstances. Because of his knowledge of medicinal practices, Chillingworth befriended the minister, and began living with him in order to try and cure all of his issues.With Arthur having many individual problems, Roger begins to break down Dimmesdale’s soul piece by piece, and he begins to know him very well. According to text, “He became, thenceforth, not a spectator only, but a chief actor, in the poor minister’s interior world” Also, it states that “...conscious that the poison of one morbid spot was infecting his heart’s entire substance, attributed all his presentiments to no other cause.” (Hawthorne 112). This shows the saddest part of this whole scenario, of which cannot be explained, is how he knows that something has changed within himself, and yet he continues to be friends with Chillingworth. Now that Dimmesdale is subjected to this “poison” all the time, he simply has no where to take solace as he has been completely and utterly consumed.
Now that the true Dimmesdale has been overtaken by evil, the worst begins to arrive as he begins to show in depth signs of true pain. The poison begins to show it's true effect on Arthur, as he begins to tear him apart from the inside out as he finds himself in a complete trance-like state as he revisits the scene of Hester’s public humiliation. His return to the scaffold was driven by “the impulse of that Remorse which dogged him everywhere.” Now that he has arrived to this horrible symbol of pain and suffering, he begins to become overwhelmed by all of the sin that surrounds him and all of the sin inside him. The pain becomes so unbearable that he lets out a cry so powerful that is heard all throughout the town. Along with this passionate cry of desperation, he is described as if he were some sort of ghostly figure, that was wandering through the town (Hawthorne 118). This entire scene represents how deeply sorrowed Arthur is at this point, as this is essentially his call for help. This whole scaffold event clearly shows how all of the sin in his life has been pent up, until he becomes so immersed that he cannot hide it any longer.
In the Scarlet Letter, many characters...

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