Suffering, Key Of Happiness Essay

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Sephora Kodjo
Psychology 1101
Dr. Stern
Suffering, Key of happiness
April 9, 2014

Suffering, Key of Happiness
Suffering can be defined as an experience of discomfort suffered by a person during his life. The New York Times published an article entitled what suffering does, by David Brooks (2014). In this article, Brooks explains how suffering plays an important role in our pursuit of happiness. He explains firstly that happiness is found through experiences and then, suffering can also be a motivation in our pursuit of happiness. In other words, suffering is a fearful but necessary gift to acquire happiness. This paper is related to motivation and emotion, two keys words to the pursuit of ...view middle of the document...

However, what we often forget is that suffering give another picture of the person we think we are. It reveals not only our humanity, but it also shows our own limitations (Brooks, 2014). We used to believe that we are our own masters and we have the ability to control everything, which is mostly false. Pain is a physical sensation can be controlled, but suffering is something else because it is mental. It is the answer to this pain. So suffering gives a better appreciation of our moments of comfort.
The only way to eradicate the suffering within us is holiness. (Brooks, 2014). Why? Simply because Happiness is above all a state of mind. We will never achieve the same motivation for life after several experiments. As King (2010) listed, one obstacle to changing happiness is the hedonic treadmill: the idea that we quickly adapt to changes that might enhance happiness. From a psychological point of view, recovery starts from the moment you stop to question or understand why certain events have happened. Personally, I was deeply affected when my mother died seven years ago. It was a great shock it took me a long time to pay my first tear, and it was the day of his funeral. After this event, I stopped questioning myself or feel guilty, and I finally understood that suffering is not an end in itself. Of course, I do not perceive happiness as I have done before because his death is still a great trauma. But one thing I could do at least,...

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