Sufficient Questions And Successful Projects Essay

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Completing a project successfully does not happen by accident. The leader is responsible to ensure certain steps are being followed in order for the organization to successfully complete the project. In this paper I will argue that in order for a project to be completed successfully, sufficient questions must be asked and answered.
In order for a project to be completed successfully certain questions must be asked. These questions should be asked and answered within the planning stage of Dr. Walter Shewhart's PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) Cycle. Asking questions ensures that the team has thought of all possible scenarios that could go wrong. Also, by asking questions and thinking through the project from start to finish, a plan can be developed which accounts for every step of the process. With a solid plan, the completion of the project will go smoothly, however if the plan is flawed then the project might be much harder, and take longer to complete (Clark, 2014). Asking all the right questions during the planning stage will significantly improve the plan leading to the successful completion of the project.
When questions are being asked and answered, the team can learn if the project is appropriate for them or not. Clark (2014) states that "a detailed plan normally includes the who, what, when, where, how, and why" questions. Answering all these questions will give greater insight into the project. Based on the responses to these questions, the team or the leader will be able to better determine if the project is appropriate. Additionally, as suggested by the Army Handbook (1973) (as cited by Clark (2014)) the team can ask, "what are all the ingredients necessary for its successful execution?" By asking this question, every component of the project can be visualized and in order to determine if the project is appropriate for the team.
The leader is responsible for the successful completion of the project which includes ensuring that the right questions have been asked. This can be accomplished by working as a team to answer a list of...

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