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No More Sugar!Persuasive speech by Hans ErianGeneral Purpose: To persuadeSpecific Purpose: To persuade my audience that overconsumption of sugar is contributing to obesity and related diseases, but something can be done about it.Central Idea: Too much sugar can lead to obesity and Type II diabetes, but national awareness, plus personal commitment to good health, can help.
I. Fifteen-year-old Arnold Scott weighed 300 pounds; he developed symptoms that led to a diagnosis of Type II diabetes.
A. Type II diabetes, usually associated with adults, is increasing among children and leaving them vulnerable to blindness, heart and kidney disease, and stroke at ages as young as 30 (Newsday).
B. Dr. Barbara Lindner of the National Institute of Diabetes, Digestive Diseases, and Kidney Diseases linked the rise in diabetes to a rise in obesity, and obesity is on the rise because of sugar.
1. The Nationwide News of August 21, 2001, reported that, of the ten most-bought foods bought at the supermarket, most are sugar-filled junk foods.
2. A Georgetown University study showed that 25 per​cent of adult calories come from sugar; for kids, it's closer to 50 percent.
II. The average person in this room consumes about 125-150 pounds of sugar per year.
A. Consumer Reports on Health of August 2001 says that increases in blood sugar levels lead to increases in disease and death. [Anno 1] [1] Notice how Hans incorporates sources immediately in the introduction in order to build credibility.
B. Americans are consuming too much unhealthy sugar without realizing it.
III. Today we will explore two major causes of sugar over-consumption, then we'll examine negative effects, and finally we'll look at ways to nationally and personally deal with the problem.
I. The two main reasons for increased consumption of sugar are ignorance and increased consumption of soda pop.
A. The FDA and the sugar association have been fighting a linguistic tug-of-war since about 1970 over the definition of sugar.
1. Fructose is the good sugar, the kind found naturally in fruit.
2. Bad sugar, the kind in most foods, comes under names like sucrose, dextrose, and high fructose corn syrup, which may be confusing because of the word "fructose" in it.
3. Common items in local stores can lead to confusion.
a. Here's a cranberry-tangerine juice drink that we'd expect to be healthy, but the second ingredient is high-fructose corn syrup.
b. Wheaties ingredients include whole wheat, sugar-and also corn sugar and brown sugar, other bad sugars; can this be the breakfast of champions?
B. The second reason is the increased consumption of soda.
1. Coca Cola contains sucrose and has about 10 teaspoons of sugar per pint.
2. The consumption of soda increased by 43 percent to 85 gallons per year since 1987; that's 555 cans annually for every American (San Jose Mercury News).
Transition: Now that we've seen the increased use of sugar because of ignorance and soda pop, we will see the negative...

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