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Sugar Ants Essay

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AIM:1. To observe changes in way of life of an ant colony of sugar ants when the temperature, amount of light and time of day are different.2. Observe what ants in a peanut butter jar choose to eat (if they choose to eat in the first place).I really like ants so that is the main reason I chose to study them. I also like the fact that there are many more ants then there are humans therefore if I accidentally kill one there is still a plentiful amount of ants left over.METHOD: APPARATUS:1. Ant nest2. Different types of food3. Sunlight4. Temperature changes5. Stopwatch6. Small stones such as pebbles7. Peanut butter jarPROCEDURE:1st ExperimentFind the Food that Ants Favor1. Food is placed outside nest.2. Observe and time the amount of time that it takes for the ants to scout out and take back the food.3. Find out what is favored by the ants and then try it out with worker ants in a jar.4. Observe the food choices they have and then record in a graph.2nd ExperimentThe Effects of Changing Temperatures on an Ants Nest1. Observe the speed of ants on a cold and hot day.2. After one minute record the amount of ants outside the nest.3. Place all the data found into a graph.3rd ExperimentFind the Preferred Time of Day for the Different Ant Colonies1. Observe and count the number of ants scouting around during different times of day.2. Observe and count the number of ants scouting around at nighttime.3. Record this data and place it in a graph.RESULTS:Experiment 1Food Choices of AntsSet Up:"h 4 sugar ants ¡V 3 workers and 1 bull ant in a small container."h Ants have access to diluted honey and sugarObservations:"h Ants eat sugar, but not straight honey."h Ants can eat honey, which has been diluted with water."h Ants act hyperactive when there is an excessive level of sugar in them."h Ants' sugar highs, unlike humans, stop extremely quickly. In fact within two minutes the ant is as calm as usual."h Bull ants do not eat sugar, but they get it from the workers."h Ants grow considerably once they have eaten a fair amount of sugar."h 1 of the worker ants grows in size after a high sugar intake.Tables and Graphs:Type of AntSugarDiluted HoneySugar AntAnts prefer this over honey3Ants go for it but prefer sugar instead of it. 0The Bull Ant which makes up the fourth member did not choose any of the food as he eats from the food that the workers make inside them.Experiment 2Set Up:"h Observe Ants on a cold and hot day."h Observe the speed differences at the different temperatures.Observations:"h Sugar Ants especially like cooler days."h On the hot days I observed that there was 1 ant that was guarding the nest. Yet this ant was still inside the nest so that can not be counted."h The lower temperatures cause the ants to react a bit faster as the temperature feels a lot more drastic on...

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