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Gabrielle DangAmanda SillimanEnglish 100June 17, 2012Sugary Drinks SizeImagine yourself drinking 10 cans of Coca Cola in just one day. You start to get jittery and begin to feel your fingers shaking. You begin to talk fast and notice that your leg has been simultaneously shaking this whole time without realizing it. You start to wonder why this is happening to you. After thinking about it for a second, one solution has popped into your head. You have just consumed 390 grams of sugar in those twelve-ounce cans of Coca Cola (Beverages). While the growing number of production of sugary drinks has been increasing, so has the risk of obesity and diabetes. Because of this, the government should find ways to reduce the size of sugary beverages to lessen the rate of unhealthy risk factors.People becoming overweight and obese has become a worldwide problem. In 2011, about 43 million children in the world under the age of five years old were overweight or obese (Zheng and O'Leary 2-4). Sugary drinks have been associated with the formation of obesity in children and teens. Extensive research by the World Health Organization has found that there has been a relationship between sugary drink consumption and obesity. "Sugary drink consumption is associated with higher body fat measures such as body weight, body mass index, adiposity, waist circumference and risk of being overweight" (Zheng and O'Leary 2-4). In fact, studies have discovered that the effect of increasing the intake of sugary drinks developed a higher total of fat mass and an increase of fatty deposits in the liver and muscle (Maersk, Belza, Stodkilde, Ringhaard, Chabanova, Thomsen, Pederson, Astrup, and Richelson). Consuming sugar, such as fructose and glucose, means that the liver has to take in more than it can. "The speed with which the liver has to do its work affects how it metabolizes the fructose and glucose" (Blount-Gowan). When the liver continues to receive constant amounts of sugar, this sugar will turn into fat, resulting in obesity (Blount-Gowan). One strategy of preventing this obesity would be reducing the amount of intake of sugary drinks that young people have been consuming. Sugary drinks have made a predominantly massive impact in our lives. We all want to add a little sweetness to our drinks to make it tastier. However, the amount of sweetness added to our drinks can be addicting. Because the constant consumption of sugary beverages has lead to obesity, having the government reduce the size of these beverages can be one step into lowering the amount of sugar in-take in young people. This would result in healthier lives and can increase a person's life expectancy.The size of soft drinks has gotten out of hand, in which the constant consumption of sugary drinks can lead to obesity. From small to extra large, it has gotten harder for people to say 'no' to those large drinks, especially if they could get it for a good price. When someone constantly drinks a large quantity of...

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