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Childhood sugar consumption, is becoming increasingly high throughout many countries, and is behind many health risks including childhood weight/obesity problems and dental decay. In some countries, sugar sweetened beverage (SSB) bans have been carried out in children hospitals (Eneli, Oza-Frank, Grover, Miller, & Kelleher, 2014). In other countries an enacted food tax is being applied, in hope to limit the consumption of these unhealthy beverages .(Veerman, Sacks, Antonopoulos, & Martin, 2016). Surveys have been conducted to have SSB items labelled, in order to warn parents of the possible risks SSB beverages have on their children, such as, risks of childhood obesity and tooth decay (Roberto, Wong, Musicus, & Hammond, 2016)
Due to the increase of added sugars in conjunction with sugary beverages, consumed by children, tooth decay and dental cavities have become one of the most common, chronic childhood diseases in today’s society (Park, Lin, Onufrak, & Li, 2015). Furthermore, 35 percent of children under the age of five are presented with obvious tooth decay and is one of the most common reasons of children being admitted into hospitals (Boulton et al., 2016)

In conclusion, it is essential to provide more education and warnings about what serious effects sugars and poor nutrition is having on our younger generation and their health. Parents and guardians have the...

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