Sugarcult’s De Santis Dishes Out A Dose Of Reality

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Sugarcult’s DeSantis Dishes out a Dose of Reality

Then entertainment business is a cutthroat coup a musician such as Marko DeSantis can easily survive. He has successfully overcome vocational challenges set in place to ensure those who remain in the industry are here for the right reasons. DeSantis’s inherent belief that the best bands are romanticized with twenty-twenty vision shows a depth few artists choose to acknowledge in an epoch where being a dreamer has been forgotten. The pop-punk lead guitarist does not sugarcoat reality or what he enjoys as an artist. Sugarcult is not running a pre-recorded movie and some of the doors which were open to them come via triumphing through disaster.

Reality is not a hard truth to swallow for anyone who wants to remain successful in the music industry. Marko DeSantis claims, “Rock N” Roll is not like studying medicine. You start off as an undergraduate then work on getting your masters degree while working in the basement. Having a PhD is going on tour with Green Day.” Prior to harvesting the success he has attained and maintained through being the lead guitarist of the pop-punk band named Sugarcult he was a Renaissance man. The polymath has worked numerous jobs the music industry relies on to be successful and in turn made DeSantis a sensation. “Every night you play you are playing to the fans that know and love you or you win people over like a first date every time,” said the rocker. An insightful Renaissance man has seen the music business from several points of view. The musician professes, “…it’s real; it is not a Broadway musical. It’s live; very sexual. Same position every time, every night we play ‘Bouncing of the Walls’ it will be a little different.”

In terms of instincts make sure you stay within the vocation you are trying to be apart of. The thriving musician who once worked at a record shop in college suggests, “Learn as much about music as you possibly can.” What he does not seem to think is useful is working at a J. Crew store when you have a college degree. Marko claims, “A lot of musicans waste their time working a job at Del Taco or the mall, but what is that going to teach you?” By being involved in everything from OC Weekly to publications in his hometown such as the Santa Barbara Review help make his way as a member of the press, he learned about radio, and has been on the other side of retail service. “I advise people that you have to work and if your goal is music get a job related to music,” the musician perceptively says.Marko has ran a friend’s independent label, been responsible for record distribution, promotions, booking, and knowing what type of promotions work best at a venue on the way of becoming the sensible Sugarcult member he is today. Marko asks, “Why would I want to panhandle for a peanut butter sandwich and push an Econoline to play a 20 minute set? How do you get the nerve to stand up to hail the middle fingers and endure rejections?”


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