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"Mean Creek" is a fictional story that teaches us all the consequences of bullying, and how retaliation is not the true way to solve bullying. This movie shows in a third-person perspective how one boy's life is destroyed, by a mere vengeful plot to get back at Sam; who is being bullied by George in the opening sequences of the movie. The boys aren't initially trying to be harmful; they even get to the point of where you believe they may even like the kid they initially plotted to humiliate in spite of the fact that he was being so wretched towards Sam. But the story takes another twist from this point in the movie; it gets very hostile on the boat when personal lives become the conversation. Things are said that seem to push people over the edge, to the point of major hostility, violence, and eventually... murder. They end up putting the ultimate punishment of death upon George; although this wasn't seemingly intended it happened because of just verbal attacking. This just goes to show how much just a single sentence can affect someone; even if the statement is just out of pure spite and without thinking it can change someone's life drastically as shown in dramatic representation in this film. The unintended death strikes the kids with fear and unease. They try to hide the fact that George was killed, but eventually their morals and the fact that they can't effectively hide the murder kicks in and they turn themselves in. The film then continues with a depressing, bleak theme of showing the interview process of the boys, and the sadness of all the characters. It continues with this depressing mood up until the end, where they give a little incite to George's life.This movie is probably one of the best private films I've ever seen. It's brutally honest in it's' portrayal; It even gets to the point where it's gruesome, but speaks a heart...

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