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Suggestions For Securing Your Windows And Linux/Unix Servers

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. It is important to secure the Windows and Unix/Linux servers from known shortcomings and vulnerabilities or ensure that your network infrastructure is more secure, bear in mind that “securing your system can be a lot of work, but the payoff in protection against attacks is well worth it. Just as having insurance costs a little money but pays off by covering large expenses in case of accident, securing your system may cost time (and money) today, but prevents much greater costs in the future.” (“Woods hole oceanographic”). It really doesn’t take a rocket scientist to ascertain why your servers should be protected, for example, with window servers such windows desktop system can be ...view middle of the document...

This can be a very important factor to thwart hackers from searching for systems that have not been patched. Ensure reinforcement and verification of passwords or invoke stronger password polices, especially of those individuals with administrator rights. It may be a little difficult to enforce stricter password policies among average users, but, if a hacker is able to obtain passwords of an account with administrator privileges, then, this can lead to devastating consequences where the hacker can access ANYTHING. Some password characteristics include using passwords with a combination of numeric, uppercase, lowercase, and special characters or initiate an account lockout after a given number of invalid attempts. Execute backup procedures for all systems by implementing and maintaining backup copies of at least data files on all servers, also do the same for current emergency repair disk which is equally important; test your restore procedures on a regular basis for verification of validity. Make sure to use updated anti-virus software which may not necessarily stop intrusion attempts, but, is a great mechanism for detecting “trojan horses” that is often used by hackers to creep into your system. Access to and from any unnecessary TCP/UDP ports should be blocked to prevent and attacker from unauthorized entrance. Enable all server security logging by turning on the auditing features of your window based servers. This can help determine the extent and attempted attack was carried out and how the system was compromised. Use NTFS and not FAT/FAT32 as neither utilizes file level security which will result in substantial risks to your system.
For securing Linux or Unix systems, “run a command such as "netstat -an" to...

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