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Information Technology In Education Essay

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Group 4: Alysha Harbour, Susan Noureddine Gerrick Phillips, Azenette Galvan, Yuheng Lai
Information Technology in EducationThe greatest first educational application has been around since the 1960's and still is growing. Information Technologies is a great way to help inform students about hardware, software, applications and many important things useful in many school systems today. People that do not have certain software or hardware on there computer might find it very difficult to open up word documents, power points or web applications. Not only is it essential to have hardware and software on a computer but security, web applications, communication and education from a distance is very important when dealing with educational purposes in school and even home school training. Without these essential fundamentals, education levels would not be so high as they are today. These applications are unique and help students become much more familiar with group assignments, homework, and many other factors that are important in schools around the United States.HardwareHardware is very important today, especially in college and in other levels of education. Hardware is a general term for the physical artifacts of a technology. It may also mean the physical components of a computer system, in the form of computer hardware (Wikipedia, 1). Your PC (Personal Computer) is a system, consisting of many components. Some of those components, like Windows XP, and all your other programs, are software. The stuff you can actually see and touch, and would likely break if you threw it out a fifth-story window, is hardware (What is Hardware, 1). A laptop is hardware and very essential in college and other levels of education. It is important to have computers as well because without it, the software is useless. Having a laptop can give you access to your word documents and with proper internet access, you can log on to your Case Grader or even Web CT and many other software's. Other part of hardware's on the computer would be the speaker, the system unit, the keyboard, mouse, the computer screen, what is inside of the computer such as the hard drive and the RAM. The CD drive, Floppy drive, and the Floppy Disk are all part of software's too. These hardware's are important and used for educational purposes. A floppy disk can save information such as word documents or essays and many other important information. And updated version of the floppy disk is called a Flash Drive and it can save word documents, power points, excel. The USB flash drive also consists of flash memory data storage device. These are very convenient for educational purposes when needing to print out a essay typed at home, or needing to pull up a power point on to a computer to a over head projector. This is a very easy and can be put on a keychain and is good to go. A USB flash drive is typically smaller then the floppy disk and hold more information then it does too. Many students use this now...

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