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Information Technology Roles Essay

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Information Technology RolesXXXXXXXXXXXXXBIS219January 11, 2009Professor Shirlee MartinUniversity of PhoenixInformation Technology RolesInformation technology (IT) has change for the last 20 years, and jobs in this field incredibly have increased in the last six years (Lee, 2006). Rainer and Turban (2008) mentioned that IT jobs are very strong today. In addition, from 2002 to 2007 around 70,000 jobs in the IT field were created (Rainer and Turban, 2008). Does not matter what position a person holds in the IT department, it is very important for the success to the company. There are many positions where an individual can have an opportunity to develop in the IT field. Three of those positions that will be discuss ahead are the Chief Information Officer (CIO), Webmaster, and Project Manager.Chief Information Officer (CIO)The CIO is the highest position in the information systems (Rainer & Turban, 2008). Holmes (2006) informed that the roles of the CIO have change since information technology has become an important part of any business. The CIO is responsible for the process standardization of the company (Qais, n.d.). The CIO needs to find the right strategies using IT to reduce the cost of the company. For example, the CIO of a company needs to standardize the operations programs, and make it user friendly to reduce the cost of training across the company.Qais (n.d) informed that the CIO roles are the followings.Lead the IT department. The CIO will organize the functions to serve the company, and will involve managers to look for ideas on how to improve the process.Managing the company's applications. It is important for CIO to be up-to-date with the latest application to improve the information system of the company.Hiring and managing IT people. It is important for the CIO to recruit the most skill personal that fits the company vision.The above roles are very important for a company because the IT department needs to have people who can lead the business or organization to have big revenues by reducing cost. The CIO could lead the company to a great success or to a great fiasco depending of his or her skills to lead the IT department. Even though, Bayadi (2008) mentioned that the CIO roles are becoming more managerial than technological because they have "to predict, project, and plan for future evolutions."WebmasterRainer and Turban (2008) informed that the Webmaster is an individual who manages the business websites. In addition, State (n.d.) informed that the webmaster, besides maintaining the business Web site, is in charge of the World Wide Web individuals. "The webmaster is responsible for making sure that the website is easy to navigate, and the same fulfill the client needs and its customers" (State Univertity.Com, n.d.).Other roles of the webmaster that State University.Com (n.d.) mentions are the following.Make sure that the company website supports different...

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