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Suicidal tendencies in adolescents begin around the ages of 10 through 19, with warning signs, prevention, treatment, and the causes and effects it has on the human psyche. Suicide is when someone decides to take his or her own life because and are suffering from a painful mental treatable illness and have lost hope in who they are. Because when hope is lost, some feel like suicide is the only solution to truly make the adolescents pain go away permanently. Scientific evidence that shows the people who have committed suicide had a diagnosable treatable mental disorder or substance abuse disorder (The National Institute of Mental Health, 2010). Those people might have been suffering from illness such as depression, mood disorders, personality disorders and or suffering from bullying. Being a victim of bullying can be linked to suicidal thoughts as well as behavior in adolescents. Other causes might also include having family problems at home, problems at work, school and or with school peers. Suicide is a serious problem though it not only affects the victim, but it also affects family members, loved ones, along with friends.
Suicide in adolescents is the third-leading cause of death in the United States between the ages of 10 though 19 (National Center for Health Statistics, 2012, 292). More adolescents who think even about attempting suicide are mostly the ones who are unsuccessful at it. Females for example, are more likely than males to attempt to commit suicide by either over dosing on sleeping pills or self harming. Most adolescents’ girls will not succeed in actually committing suicide. Males on the other hand, use more drastic ways of committing suicide, adolescent boys usually with a firearm rather than another method, are more likely to succeed at it than women are. Adolescent boys are more prone to bullied by their race and sexual oration. Depression is often linked to adolescent suicide because both suicides along with depression show similar symptoms. Only 15 to 20% of adolescents experienced major depressive disorder (Graber & Sontag, 2009, 291).
The chances for female adolescents to get depressed are much higher than male adolescents because of the way females judge and criticized other female adolescents. Although, adolescents’ girls are all doing the same to one another, the main focus is on criticizing others body images, self images, even discrimination worse than male adolescents. In a recent study found that in adolescent’s depression symptoms was connected to specific dopamine-related genes (Santrock, 2012, 291). At age 15, females’ adolescents develop depression that is higher than rate of male adolescents. The reason for the major gender difference is adolescent girls tend to have the power to amplify emotions and when in a depressed mood it tends to linger around for a much longer period of time than male adolescents do. Depression and suicide but are linked together but, are completely separate from one...

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