Suicide, America’s Hidden Devastation Essay

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Suicide, America’s Hidden Devastation

Suicide is one of the youth’s ways out of their problems, not only in the United States but the world. What does drive teens to suicidal thoughts and actions? What are the ways communities help prevent teenage suicide? Perhaps there are signs can be pointed out that would indicate a problem. In two surveys in 1996, both reported in the Journal of Adolescent Health, both also asked relatively the same questions of the violent actions that some people may see in life’. Surprisingly, the numbers for many of the questions were the same, such as teens who witnessed a shooting first hand; they both were about 37% (Pastore, Fisher, and Friedman 321-2). Using information such as this, one cannot blame the recent rise in teenage suicide with the violent problems of life, but more along the lines of depression caused by multiple things, for instance body image. According to many researchers, alcohol is many times a solution to a teen’s problem with life and the hardships people face in it. Many people in the United States overlook the major problem of teenage suicide; this is a mistake

There are many things which can drive a teen to commit suicide some of them are as simple as making fun of the “fat” kid in class; others can come from the mental images from witnessing a shooting. There are four major issues which contribute to teen suicide such as depression, family problems, risk factors, and teens reactions to there climate. Depression, unfortunately, is one of the biggest factors of today’s teenage suicide problems and some of the reasons for it are from the student’s own peers, “being depressed is triggered by loss or rejection (Joan 59).” Depression can be fixed, but its one of the hardest things to do. In most situations in school depression is caused from the students peers. Students can be horrifying to each other, which leads to the feeling of rejection. Depression is triggered bye the emotions inside, when feels like there is no hope left for one in life (Orbach 19). One of the biggest emotions holding teenagers back is fear. Some of the problems with fear include; “fear of being alone, fear of being rejected if one reaches out for one’s own needs, and fear of being physically abused” these fears are that of which hold one back from conquering depression (Joan 61). Control is another major issue of depression, if there is no control, anger is then present. Anger can cause one to abuse and be rebellious against authority; these are all faces to hide behind in the state of depression. Another drive to suicide is parental divorce. Divorce allows contemplation of the question on why the parents broke up. One may ask his or her self if it was there fault. In other words a teen may feel as though there problems and arguments caused there parents to divorce. This drives many teens to feel as though the only solution is to commit suicide, in many cases of divorce...

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