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Suicide Bombers: What Makes Them Tick?

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Has anyone ever wondered how one individual could kill thousands of individuals, and not feel bad about it? Thousands of people die each year due to suicide bombing, but not too many people know why they do it. Also, no one really wonders about the past and how suicide bombing started. Someone did not just wake up, and decide to strap bombs to themselves, then detonate them inside a building full of people. This essay will discuss the history of suicide bombing, the training of a bomber, the personality of a suicide bomber, the different motivations behind his or her action, and the way culture impacts the bombing and the bomber.
In order to understand the motivations behind suicide bombing, society needs to grasp the history of it. Suicide bombing was not really thought of until the 1980’s when one boy named Hossein Fahmiden died with a grenade in his hand during a battle. This incident started to change the way society viewed what the Qur’an said about killing yourself. People of this time, thought that it was bad, but then their views started to change after Fahmiden died. They thought it would help them and their families get into their version of heaven, called paradise. In 1983 suicide bombing became part of their cultural beliefs. Society, before it supported suicide bombing, had a huge debate on whether or not it was religiously supported. The Qur’an says that Muslims cannot kill themselves because they will not go to paradise. However, fighting and dying for one’s country makes them a hero. Suicide bombers of that time, and still today justify their actions using the excuse that they are fighting for their country (MacEoin 15-24).
One may wonder how you become a suicide bomber. Many people think that these men or women just decide to strap bombs to them, go inside the building, than detonate themselves. This may be true for some crazy people, but majority of suicide bombers go through months at a training camp. The disturbing fact is that some of them start these paradise camps as young as eight years old. This is not only sad but it also shows how society is accepting of teaching kids that it is okay to blow themselves up as long as it is for your country( Brooks 356-357).
Starting as young as twelve, kids start to get recruited for these suicide bomber training camps. In Yousafzai and Moreau’s article it gives an inside look at a kid who is going through the recruitment process. His parents did not support the decision for him to go to the training camp, so the kid ran away to meet the recruiter. When he met the recruiter, he was put in the training camp where they taught him how to drive trucks and cars, along with how to create suicide vests. They would also watch past operations of bombers blowing a building or car up. Luckily for that kid, he escaped the group and now lives at home with his parents (Yousafzai and Moreau 30-37). This account of what it was like to go through training shows how insane this idea of...

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