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“Approximately every 18 minutes, someone in the United State commits suicide” (Flanders 3). Ranked tenth in leading causes of death in the United States, suicide claims the lives of more than thirty thousand people a year (Flanders 3). Recently, there has been an increase in self-destructive behavior among young adults (Flanders 3). “Almost everyone in the United States has been touched in some way by suicide” (Flanders 20). By studying the social issue of suicide, one can identify the causes and help prevent more deaths.
Due to the combination of multiple factors in an individual, the act of suicide can happen (The Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine). Over 90 percent of suicides are the result of a mental illness at the time of their death (Caruso). Most common among those mental illnesses is depression (Caruso). Although, some individuals seem to have a happy life, some are genetically susceptible to depression (Caruso). With that in mind, some people commit suicide from depression which was caused by genetics (Caruso). However, most suicides that occur are rarely from one cause. (Caruso). Multiple undesirable life experiences trigger these cases (Caruso). “This may include; deaths of a loved one, a divorce, separation, break-up, lost custody of children, an illnesses, etc.” (Caruso). Again, the leading cause of depression is untreated depression which is caused by one or more of these life experiences (Caruso). “Suicide only strikes people of a certain gender, race, financial status, age, etc.” (Caruso)? Suicide can strike anyone (Caruso). Statistics taken show that male’s had a 20.5 percent suicide rate while women had a 5.2 percent suicide rate (Flanders 23). This shows both genders commit suicide. Women, despite their low suicide rating actually had a higher attempt rating by three to four times more (Flanders 23). Females fail more often though because they choose less lethal ways to kill themselves such as poison or overdosing (Flanders 23). Not only does suicide differentiate through gender, every race is also hit by suicide. In study, whites had a suicide rating of 13.7 while minorities averaged at 6.9 percent (Flanders 23). Blacks were actually below the average at a percentage of 6.6 (Flanders 23). Age is also has an impact on suicide. When it comes to age, elderly people have the highest suicide rating (Flanders 22). At the age of sixty or older, elders account for twenty percent of the population but represent thirty percent of the suicides (Flanders 22). When young adults aged fifteen to twenty five do have increasing suicide rates, they have around five thousand a year commit suicide (Flanders 22). Another proposed theory on suicide is socioeconomic status. However, socioeconomic status also has nothing to do with suicide rates. “There is no established direct link between socioeconomic status and suicide” (Flanders 23). The nature of suicide is one of the biggest mysteries involved with why it is caused. “People take their own lives...

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