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Suicide In Male Prisons Essay

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I chose the article, “An exploratory analysis of the Acquired Capability for Suicide Scale in male prison inmates” (Smith et al., 2013). In this article, a study is presented, in which inmates are given various scales/questionnaires to self-report life events that could cause them to contemplate or attempt suicide. “Worldwide, suicide is the leading cause of death in prison inmates and accounts for half of the deaths in prisons” (Smith et al., 2013). Due to there not being any studies on the theories behind suicide and prison inmates, this study used the Acquired Capability for Suicide Scale on a select number of inmates. Other tests/measurements used were Painful and Provocative Life Events Scale, the Beck Scale for Suicide Ideation, and the Center for Epidemiological Studies Depression Scale (Smith et al., 2013).

According to this article, the research design used in the study was empirical/quantitative. These studies were based on ...view middle of the document...

, 2013). This was consistent with the hypotheses. On the other hand, none of these factors could distinguish between suicide attempters and no attempters. The result of this study is that these measurements are helpful in explaining higher suicide rates in prisoners, but more research is needed. These results are important to psychology professionals because more understanding is needed as far as who is a suicide risk, in order to develop and implement effective strategies for prevention and intervention. In my opinion, understanding and identifying the predisposed factors that causes prisoners to be suicidal, could also illustrate what causes a person to become incarcerated in the first place. This topic is important to me because I lost my own brother, who was an intelligent, college athlete and became mentally ill due to his inability to cope with personal trials in his life. This caused him to commit a crime that he couldn’t live with and go to prison, where he attempted to commit suicide several times, until he did it. It’s hard on a family, when someone does this because you always wonder what you could have done to help and are they at peace. You never know what a person is going through, but it would be helpful to be able to recognize the signs.

1. Acquired Capability for Suicide Scale (ACSS)-This scale assessed the participants who allegedly had a tolerance for pain and their “fearlessness of death” (Smith et al., 2013).
2. The Painful and Provocative Life Events Scale (PPES)-This scale had the participants to rate the life events they considered to be traumatic or painful.
3. The Center for Epidemiological Studies-Depression Scale (CES-D)- This scale measured the participants’ depressive symptoms.
4. The Beck Scale for Suicide Ideation (BSSI)- This scale measured any thoughts of suicide in participants.

(Smith et al., 2013).

Frankfort-Nachmias, C. & Nachmias, D. (2008). Research methods in the social sciences, (7th ed.). New York: Worth Publishers.
Smith, P.N., Wolford-Clevenger, C., Mandracchia, J.T., & Jahn, D.R. (2013). An exploratory analysis of the Acquired Capability for Suicide Scale in male prison inmates. Psychological Services, 10(1), 97-105. doi:10.1037/a0030817

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