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Suicide Within The MilitaryStressed by war, long oversea tours, and other personal issues many soldiers kill themselves and even surpass the suicide rate among regular civilians. These certain soldiers suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). These soldiers are needed to battle for our country and we can't afford to lose a passionate and strong patriot willing to die for their own nation. Army leaders said they were doing everything they could think of to end the deaths of the soldiers and requested more mental health professionals to join the army and help out. The military is trying to prevent further lives from being taken within their own men.What is PTSD you may ask? Post-traumatic stress disorder is a severe anxiety disorder that can develop after exposure to any event that results in psychological trauma. The psychological trauma's that may be included in a soldiers past may be war, natural disasters, car or plane crashes, terrorist attacks, sudden death of a loved one, kidnapping, and assault. PTSD develops differently from person to person. While the symptoms of PTSD most commonly develop in the hours or days following the traumatic event, it can sometimes take weeks, months, or even years before they appear. The symptoms of this disorder appear seemingly out of the blue and at other times, they are triggered by something that reminds you of the original traumatic event, such as a noise, an image, certain words, or a smell. The main three symptoms are re-experiencing the traumatic event, avoiding reminders of the trauma, increased anxiety and emotional arousal.Post-traumatic stress causes you to remain in psychological shock rather than taking sense in what happened and processing your emotions to get out of it. Your memory of what happened and your feelings about it are disconnected. You begin to get unwanted memories of the event, flashbacks, nightmares, depression, and hopelessness, loss of interest in life, suicidal thoughts, substance abuse, feeling emotionally detached, or outbursts of anger. There are many more symptoms that may occur from this disorder and become worse day by day without any aid of others. Most of the soldiers don't look towards anyone for help and wanna keep there strong and macho persona that they are given being in the army by other individuals. They also think that looking for psychological help is a sign of weakness and could be harmful to their career. They keep all their emotions bundled up and would rather look towards drugs and alcohol.To date, the Army has confirmed 120 suicides for both active and non-active duty soldiers in 2012 with 67 other deaths suspected as suicides, but still under investigation. The Army also reported 242 suicides in 2009, 305 in 2010 and 283 in 2011. This averages out to about 300 suicides a year. Thirty percent of soldiers in war zones experienced PTSD and soldiers in higher combat levels suffer from more symptoms. Nearly 1 in 5 people in the army has reported...

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