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Suicide Paper

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Suicide is a very serious matter in our society today but no matter how bad our problems may seem, suicide is almost never the answer. People that are threatening suicide or have already done it are usually too distraught for various reasons to realize that it really won’t help anyone. Problems that make people want to kill themselves are never as bad as they truly seem and all conflicts can be resolved with the right assistance. The only time that suicide is really a valid option is when it’s being done to protect information or possibly a country. Other than that reason, suicide isn’t the solution to a person’s problems because it only hurts the people that care about them and love them.

It may sound very cliche and overused but, all problems can be solved. They may take months or years but with the right sort of help, anything can be fixed. For example, let’s say that a kid is being bullied at ...view middle of the document...

They say that there is a time and place for everything, and that applies to suicide too. Only in times of high need to protect information of large populations of people is suicide a viable option. FBI agents, spies or other high-ranking people may know secrets that could make or break nations or even the world. If one of them had delicate information and was captured by a rival force that wanted the information for malicious intent, then and only then is suicide a good solution. Killing themselves would save the information from getting into the enemies hands and save others. This may sound like something out of a Mission Impossible movie but it really could happen, and if it did, suicide would be the only good choice because it would protect countless others.

We all have people that we love and the love us back. Family, friends, spouses, and significant others that would all be left behind if we were to commit suicide. This may sound insensitive and uncaring but, suicide really is just a selfish act because you only care about ending your pain, and not causing grief and years of sadness for the people that loved and cared about you. If people could talk to them about what they were going through, then their loved ones could probably help them and support them during the rough times. Killing yourself would “solve” the problem for you, but it would just harm the people you love and cause them untold amounts of pain.

When people are hurting, they become desperate and just look for the quickest way out of their pain. Suicide is a very serious matter in our society today, but no matter how bad our problems may seem, suicide is almost never the answer. All problems can be solved no matter what they take or what the circumstances are. The only time that suicide is ever a good option is when it is done to protect others, such as when spies or the like with information are captured by the enemy. Killing yourself is also a selfish way out of your problems because it only really helps you, and it hurts the people you love and causes them problems. No matter how bad our problems may seem, suicide is never really a good idea.

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